What is ARISE?

ARISE (Awareness, Response, Intervention, Support and Empowerment) is a program designed to increase access to on-campus mental health services and support for students who have been impacted by gender based violence. A student in the ARISE program will receive flexible and comprehensive mental health services at no cost at CAPS. Recognizing that gender based violence prevention is a community responsibility, CAPS ARISE therapists also provide outreach and prevention based education to the UC campus.

ARISE Mission

All students deserve to access their education in an environment safe from sexual and gender based violence. All students deserve to feel supported and cared for as part of the University of Cincinnati community. The ARISE mission is within our name. At CAPS we strive to…

·         Build Awareness of the impact of gender based violence on UC students.

·         Provide the appropriate Response to campus needs for mental health services for survivors.

·         To promote training and provision of evidence based Interventions for survivors.

·         Create space for survivors to feel heard and Support one another

·         Facilitate individual and community Empowerment for survivors.

Individuals of any gender and sexual orientation can be impacted by sexual assault and gender based violence and that individuals belonging to marginalized populations are inordinately impacted by sexual violence. CAPS is committed to supporting all students within our Bearcat community and providing an affirming and supportive space for all survivors. 

The ARISE program is for UC students who:

Have been impacted by gender based violence* (Rape, sexual assault, harassment, gender based violence, IPV (emotional, physical or sexual abuse within a romantic relationship), stalking, gender, sexual orientation discrimination, and/or other Title IX concerns.)


Are seeking therapy for concerns related to coping with the impact of gender based violence.

*You do not need to report your experiences to the Title IX office in order to have services in the ARISE program.

What are ARISE Services?

A CAPS therapist will work with you one-on-one to develop a plan for mental health support that best fits your needs. If part of the recommended care plan, individual therapy and psychiatry services will be provided at no cost. ARISE Services include:

  • Individual therapy and psychiatry services
  • Connection to a community of support
  • Access to weekly group therapy focused on providing support for survivors
  • Workshops about coping with difficult emotions and promoting healthy relationships
  • 24/7 free confidential crisis phone line services: (513) 556-0648
  • In person crisis counseling during CAPS business hours

Like most university counseling centers, CAPS uses a brief model and does not provide weekly individual therapy. CAPS is committed to providing necessary support and services to help you connect to the best level of care for what you need. This may mean being referred to a provider for weekly therapy services or a higher level of treatment care if you are in need of more intensive mental health services.

What other resources are available for survivors on campus?

UC Campus Advocates - Provides free confidential support and advocacy services including accompaniment and /or assistance in navigating any campus reporting.

Title IX Office – Provides investigation and accommodation for students filing a report with the University of Cincinnati. Cannot provide confidentiality.

Domestic Violence and Protective Order Clinic - Provides free and confidential representation to victims of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and human trafficking in civil protection order.

Crime Victim Service Coordinator - Provides free support and advocacy services including accompaniment and/or assistance in navigating any campus reporting, Title IX, judicial affairs or police process. Cannot provide confidentiality.

Information about other resources for survivors can be found here:  UC SAFE Website

What if I need to talk to someone right now?

CAPS 24/7 Crisis Line: (513) 556-0648

CAPS Walk-In Crisis Support: You can meet with an on-call counselor M-F 8:00-4:00.

UC Campus Advocates: Advocates are available M-F 9-5 at (513) 556-4418

Women Helping Women Hotline: (513) 318-5610.

How can I request CAPS presence at an event?

If you’re interested in requesting that CAPS be present at an event or provide outreach or prevention programming, please contact CAPS outreach coordinator Elizabeth Williams, PsyD at

Where do I get more information about CAPS and CAPS services?

Please visit this area of our website for more information about the variety of services and support we provide to the campus community.

Please feel free consult with CAPS ARISE Coordinator Elise Latino, PhD at (513) 556-0648 with any concerns or questions related to the ARISE Program.