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Instructor Expectations

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Every online instructor has slightly different expectations for coursework,  time commitment, student participation and the use of online tools.  Understanding what is expected of you, grading policies, and how to participate in your course can reduce stress and improve online learning. 

Once you have read your course syllabus, contact your instructor if you are still unsure as to his/her level of expectation. Email or online office hours are a great way to get your questions answered. Do not wait! Understanding your instructor's expectations before the start of the course will get you started on the right track.

I appreciate that we are independent learning but we aren't alone and have people and resources we can turn to for support and to ask questions. Emails are an excellent means of communication, as are the chat sessions & discussion boards.

‒ Laura, Health Info. Mgt.

The instructors in the ECLC program are incredibly professional and have helped me become the teaching professional I did not even know I could be. They have been a wonderful inspiration to me as both a student and a teacher.

‒ Linda, Early Childhood Education