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University of Cincinnati Information Technologies (UCIT) will troubleshoot any technology-related question, including systems, computers, devices, internet, blackboard, etc. The UC Help Desk provides a first level support to faculty, staff and students at UC.

Ask the Help Desk

The UCIT Help Desk provides support for data and phone communications, as well as all computing concerns for UC students, faculty and staff. This support includes email, Blackboard, wireless access, VPN, UC Flex, file servers and the mainframe.

If you need help, immediately contact UCIT. The Help Desk staff are on-call after normal business hours. If you have an urgent need, you can leave an voicemail and a Help Desk staff member will be paged.

Search Knowledge Base

The UC Knowledge Base is a 24/7, self-service site where students, faculty and staff can find answers to their every-day technology questions, such as, "How do I set up my student email?" or "How do I install Office 2013?"

The UC KB gains more knowledge each and every day, so start your search now and find the answers that you really need.

Contact Information:

513-556-HELP (4357)



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513-556-HELP (4357)

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