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Online learning, where the majority of teaching and learning activities occurs away from the classroom via the use of technology, is becoming an integral part of the University’s 21st century approach to meeting diverse educational needs of students.

As an online learner, you have the opportunity to receive the same degree from the University of Cincinnati, taught by the same world-class faculty as a traditional on-campus student.  The educational value you receive online is the same as a student here on campus, but with added flexibility.

UC's History in Distance/Online Learning

The University’s first distance learning program dates back to 1984 when the College of Applied Science pioneered the Open Learning Fire Science program. Since then, the program’s early correspondence format has evolved and now includes use of the internet to facilitate teaching and learning activities. Colleges serving non-traditional, adult learners were also early adopters of distance delivery formats, offering a range of “telecourses” that combined independent study via video broadcasts and video tape with periodic face-to-face meetings.

Today, 11 UC colleges provide online learning options including degree programscertificates  and  course  offerings.  Consistent with State and national trends, the number of students choosing online learning options at UC continues to grow.  To learn more about current enrollment in distance learning programs, see the current Student Fact Book.