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General Education Online

General Education Online (GEN ED ONLINE) provides an opportunity for current students and others to complete many of their General Education course requirements entirely online.  GEN ED ONLINE  is a schedule of web-based coursework covering breadth of knowledge (BOK) distribution areas, including the Social Sciences, Literature, English Composition, Quantitative Reasoning, Natural Science, Social/Ethical Issues, Humanities, and courses meeting Cultural Diversity requirements.

Are GEN ED ONLINE courses equivalent to “regular” (that is, face-to-face) General Education courses?  Absolutely!  Although we deliver these courses online, the quality and level of expectation remains the same, regardless of the delivery system.  To succeed in these courses, you will need to make sure that you meet any prerequisite requirements, that you are comfortable in online environments,  and that you have basic technical skills and computer access, as outlined above.  Several colleges now offer General Education courses online.  In particular, McMicken College is committed to providing a full range of Gen Ed Online courses every semester.

GEN ED ONLINE courses for each semester are included the University’s online schedule of classes. They are also included in all college listings of courses.  BOK distribution areas are designated, as well.  It is always wise to be aware of your home college General Education requirements as they can vary from college to college.  Check with your advisor if you have any questions.  To learn more about GEN ED ONLINE and other opportunities for adult learners seeking liberal arts courses, please check the following link:

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The University's Schedule of Classes is organized by term, session and other attributes. Choose the term and session for the course/s you would like to find, and check the "Distance Learning Only" box. Click on the "Get Classes" button. You can further refine your search by selecting "Offering College" and "Discipline".

If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator for more information

New to Online Learning?

Visit the Online Student Orientation where you will learn how to register for online classes and set up your UCID and UConnect email accounts. You will also hear from other online students about the Keys to Success in an online course or program. You will also watch video tutorials on how to navigate within UC's learning management system, Blackboard.