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Key Considerations

Every state has statutory regulations for out-of-state institutions offering online education to its residents. Many states require programs to be authorized before offering courses and/or operating in their state. "Operating" may include solicitation, advertising and/or recruiting students, as well as requiring students to complete clinical, internships and/or field placement courses.

Although statutory regulations vary by state, if the distance learning program is completed 100% with no field experience or on-the-ground marketing efforts; the program may not require State Authorization. However, if the program engages in any "physical presence triggers", it may require State Authorization. There are a few states that require authorization notwithstanding physical presence.  

Please review the State Authorization Chart for information regarding individual state regulations and institutional compliance. 

For New DL Programs:

  1. Know where your target students reside and, if State Authorization is required in that state.
  2. Understand which activities trigger physical presence.
  3. Review your program marketing campaign and field experience requirements.
  4. Submit the new program to the Academic Committee.
  5. Contact Melody Clark, to seek State Authorization.  

Common Physical Presence Triggers:

  • Mailing Address, Telephone Number or Facility within another state
  • Field Experience (Clinical, Practicum, Internship)
  • Local Advertising (Billboards, Newspapers, Local TV/Radio)
  • Advertising or Soliciting a specific Geographic Target
  • Employing Faculty in another State
  • Articulation Agreements with other Institutions