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Climate Assessment

As UC continues to build a diverse and inclusive environment, we each have a fundamental responsibility to respect and actively support inclusion so that everyone has an opportunity to learn, work, and grow.

To continue and enhance our efforts, we are participating in a university-wide assessment.  This survey, facilitated with the assistance of Global Novations (a Korn Ferry Company specializing in diversity and inclusion), will gather data to benchmark our diversity and inclusion strengths and opportunities for improvement.  These data will also help shape our subsequent D&I goals and initiatives designed to achieve those goals.

By participating in this anonymous survey, you will have the opportunity to respond to key issues related to your experience with diversity and inclusion at UC and thus have a voice in future improvements.

Faculty/Staff Survey:

Student Survey:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why are we participating in a survey?

A:  We know the key to our success has been and will always be our students, faculty, and staff.  We wish to identify and remove barriers to learning, developing, and contributing to the university.  We see the survey as a vehicle to help us understand your perceptions and experiences of the current campus environment.  The survey will provide valuable data for developing and implementing strategies to be more effective in supporting D&I among our students, faculty, and staff.


Q:  How was the survey designed?

A:  The survey was designed jointly by Global Novations (a Korn Ferry Company) and UC to address key issues related to diversity and inclusion.


Q:  Who is processing the survey?

A:  An outside consulting firm, Global Novations, is processing the survey.  They have created and processed thousands of surveys for hundreds of companies while guaranteeing total anonymity regarding individual responses.


Q:  How long will the survey take?

A:  The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.


Q:  How and when will the survey results be communicated?

A:  The survey results will be first communicated to senior leaders by our consulting firm the last week in June.  Subsequent communication will cascade throughout the organization during staff meetings.


Q:  How will the results be used?

A:  As stated above, this survey is part of an effort to continue our momentum in building a diverse and inclusive campus environment.  Once the survey results are analyzed, UC leaders will develop and communicate actions to be taken.  Faculty, staff, and students will receive ongoing communication about our initiatives, how you can participate, our progress, and our accomplishments.


Q:  Will anyone at UC see my answers?

A:  No one at UC will see the answers to your individual survey responses.  The link to the survey takes respondents to an external, non-UC website.  When you complete the survey online, we will not collect any information from your browser that would identify you.  Only Global Novations will have access to your individual survey responses and comments.  Your individual survey responses will remain totally confidential.


Q:  Is it possible to identify my responses by the demographic data I report on the survey?

A:  No.  There will be several demographic questions on the survey.  However, the feedback system is programmed not to report data specific to any group that is small enough to identify individuals.


Q:  Will my manager have access to data about our work group?

A:  Senior leaders will receive a summary report by college/department.  Individual work groups (units/offices) will not be identified.  Senior leaders will share information with their direct reports.  Managers will not have access to individual survey responses.


Q:  What is the timeline for the survey?

A:  The survey link will be emailed directly to all faculty, staff, and students April 16 and 17.  Periodic reminders will be emailed as well.  The survey link will be open until May 2.  Summary reports will be shared with UC senior leaders the last week in June and subsequently communicated to all UC community members.


Q:  Is there a way to report incidents of bias or harassment?

A:  Yes.  UC has a Bias Incident Response Team designed to assist members of our UC community who have been targeted by bias or harassment.  Reports may be made by phone or online through our Anonymous Reporting Hotline (if an employee is the offender) or through our Office of Judicial Affairs (if the offender is a student).  For more information, visit our Bias Incident Response Team site.