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Diversity Incentive Grants

The University of Cincinnati is pursuing a vision of a campus environment that embraces diversity as a core value, infusing every aspect of campus life and purpose, and every measure of success.

In support of this vision, the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) in consultation with the President’s Diversity Council established a competitive investment program now in its sixth year to increase diversity and inclusion through innovative activities.  Proposals are invited from colleges and units of the university and are encouraged to align with the following five goals in the Diversity Plan; see below. 

  • Attract, retain and graduate academically prepared students who reflect a wide range of diversity.
  • All colleges and departments will attract, retain, and promote an increased number of historically underrepresented and other diverse faculty in tenure and clinical track positions, including faculty at advanced ranks.
  • Recruit, retain and promote historically underrepresented staff for professional, mid-level and senior leadership positions.
  • Create and support a learning and work environment that reflects the university’s mission which includes a commitment to excellence and diversity.
  • Increase supplier diversity and strengthen its community partnerships with particular focus on the inclusion of historically underrepresented and other diverse constituents for the benefit of both the community and the university.

Proposals must be collaborative in nature (college/college, college/unit, unit/unit).  They may be based on existing efforts or a new initiative.  All new initiatives must include viable plans for sustainability.

Proposals involving multiple partners must identify a lead college or unit.  A college/unit can only submit one proposal as a lead, but is not limited in the number of proposals it can participate in otherwise.  The proposal must have approval from the head of the lead college/unit.

Contingent upon a successful response to this solicitation, a total of $70,000 will be awarded, with a maximum award of $10,000 per project.  A 1:1 cash match is required.  Matching funds will signal a strong commitment to the proposed program.  The award period will be for the 2014-15 academic year.

Proposals responding to this solicitation will be evaluated on the degree to which they support the overall goal of increasing diversity and inclusion.  Funds must be used in direct support of identified activity in the proposal.  Support of personnel salaries, travel to professional conferences, and other such indirect costs cannot be paid from this award.  In addition, no more than 25% of the award may be used to cover catering costs.

Investment Proposal Format

Project Title & Description:

Describe the proposed plan for investment in detail.  The plan should identify the specific investments planned with a clearly defined timeline.  The plan should relate investments to goals and the anticipated outcomes should be identified.  Methods that will be used to assess the attainment of outcomes should also be described.  Further, plans to sustain the program developed with these funds beyond the project end date should be described.  


An expense description, requested amount and cost share should be provided.


Describe the overall goal for the investment and the specific objectives that will be pursued. Clearly show the relevance of this goal to the overall mission of your unit(s).

Anticipated Outcomes:

The anticipated outcomes should be responsive to the goals of this solicitation. 

Submission and Evaluation Process:

The proposal must be submitted electronically via this web portal. The deadline for submission is March 3, 2014.  Proposals will be evaluated by the Diversity Council Steering Committee.  The panel will make recommendations for investments to the CDO, who will make final decisions on awards.  Anticipated announcement of the awards is March 31, 2014.

Reporting Requirements:

Projects funded under this solicitation will be required to provide a final report at the end of the 2014-15 academic year to the CDO.  These reports will be used to develop best practices to advance diversity across the university.

Additionally, individuals awarded these grants may be required to participate in an annual forum on diversity and inclusion, where project results will be presented to the larger community.

Additional Information or Questions:

Questions and concerns should be forwarded in writing to the Office of the CDO and they will be responded to accordingly.

Kathy Riehle
Phone: 556-4119