Do More.

The best way to get to the head of the classroom is to venture outside it.

Maybe far outside it, in places like Belgium, the Bahamas or Botswana. Last year, more than 1,700 UC students studied abroad — for a week, a summer, a semester or an entire year.

This is education, unleashed. At the University of Cincinnati, students balance theory with practice — in the real world, encountering real situations at real companies and organizations, all over the globe.

The world is your classroom. Where will you go?

A group of UC Honors students on two boats tour the Amazon River on a study-abroad trip.

There’s no substitute for experience.

In 1906, we invented cooperative education, embedding paid work experiences into our academic curriculum. And we’ve never looked back.

Today, every UC student participates in some type of experience-based learning, whether that’s through co-op, internships, service learning, capstone projects, artistic performances or research.

Greatness lies beyond the classroom. This is where you start.

CCM conductor and string musicians performing on stage.

Here, careers start in college.

Like now. Like right now. Because this is your time. To choose why you’re here, to spot your calling, and to write a future that no one else can claim. At UC, your ‘someday’ starts today. You’ll graduate with a resume — and with the confidence that only experience can provide.

Good things may come to those who wait. But great things come to those who won’t.

Experience is calling. Find yours.

UC football player runs on to the field, holding up one finger while pyrotechnics light up the sidelines.

We love to cross each other's paths.

It’s something we’ve always known — reflected in our 200-year history, emblazoned on our university crest — “juncta juvant” (strength in unity). It’s why we’ve created collaborative approaches like UC Forward, where students, faculty and external experts from multiple disciplines come together to tackle real-world issues.

It’s an idea, a philosophy and a re-imagining of what a university education can be.

And it’s our way of preparing the next generation of explorers, pioneers and innovators to do more.

A UC student smiles to the crowd and proudly holds up her diploma at commencemnt.
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