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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I get access to the eCurriculum system?

All UC faculty have been given access to the e-Curriculum system, through your regular UC username and password. Permissions for faculty and staff are set up and edited by your college’s Associate Dean. Staff will need to be entered separately by the appropriate Associate Dean offices.

Can I log on and use eCurriculum at my home?

Yes! You will log in the same way using your UC username and password.

What are the course section attributes of H, S, I, and R found on the course construction template?

Effective Fall Semester 2012, a new "course attribute" functionality will be implemented where pre-approved alphabetic attributes may be assigned at the class-section level for display on both the online Schedule of Classes and the official transcript.

Course attributes will not be permanently affixed to the course number for all class sections but term-to-term may be associated with one or more class sections of the course (or to none) at the department’s discretion. Course attributes will be approved by the Provost Office. To date, the following have been approved: "H" (honors), "I" (international/education abroad), "R" (research), and "S" (service-learning).

One of the courses that I teach is offered only occasionally. Will this information be captured on the eCurriculum system?

eCurriculum will ask if your course is offered annually, in alternate years, or every third year (and which term). Only graduate courses can be offered occasionally (and this option will appear for graduate courses only).

Is there a way to print out the C-1 course template before the course is submitted (when C-1 is in draft form)? My college would like to meet in groups/committees to discuss courses before they are submitted.

Yes. There is a printer-friendly option where you can print the C-1 in the draft stage. To successfully save a draft form of the C-1, it must contain the credit level, course number, name, description, and learning outcomes.