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Build a Course (C-1)

To make a newly designed course available to offer, you must first create a C-1 form storing the course information.  Next, the C-1 will be sent to other users for their review and approval with possible modifications.

Modify a Course (C-1)

After a course is complete and approved, it sometimes becomes necessary to edit its information. For example, you might need to add a new attribute, update the learning outcomes, edit the description, or more significantly to change the number of credits.

Build a Program (P-1, M-1, N-1) [coming soon]

After the university has approved a new academic program, its curriculum and learning outcomes must be reported into eCurriculum.

Build a Program Assessment Plan (P-2)

After a P-1 form has been completed, its assessment plan can be reported into eCurriculum uing the P-2 form. The P-2 indicates which of the required courses relates to the program learning outcomes, and whether these (a) introduce, (b) develop, and/or (c) assess the learning outcome.