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Modify a Course (C-1)

You must have "CourseSubmitter" level access to modify a course.

Before you get started:

Carefully consider what type of modification must be made, and whether this is a minor "anytime edit" or a more major "new version".

If you are not sure which option is best, begin to process an anytime edit.  If you are not able to perform the modification needed, then you can cancel the anytime edit and process a new version instead.

Get started!

Make an Anytime Edit

Anytime Edit is easier to process.  An anytime edit overwrites the existing course information, and makes the change immediately effective on the course.  Use the anytime edit for these common modifications:

  • Add a course attribute.
  • Slightly edit the course description.
  • Change the frequency of course offering reported on the course planning guide.

Make a New Version

New Version is used for more substantial modifications.  Creating a new version will freeze all of the current information about the course and permanently store it for all students who have previously enrolled or are currently enrolled in the class.  Then, the new version of the course will go into effect in a future term to be effective for all students who take the class from that point in time forward.  You must use the new version option for these types of modifications:

  • Change the BoK code assigned to the course.
  • Change the number of credit hours.
  • Change the grading method.