EPS Staff

Dr. Brandi Elliott Staff Picture

Dr. Elliott says:  "If you are not here to serve the students, you are in the wrong place."


Dr. Brandi N.H. Elliott

Dr. Brandi Nicole Hutchins Elliott is a native of Cincinnati, OH.  She serves as the Director of the Office of Ethnic Programs & Services and the Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program.  Dr. Elliott began her career at the University of Cincinnati as a student in 1997.  She holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Mental Health Counseling, and an EdD in Urban Educational Leadership.  She is responsible for the implementation of programs and services that address the academic, social and cultural needs of a diverse student body.  Dr. Elliott co-chaired the university’s annual Diversity Conference for two years.   She was accepted into 2011-12 UC Women's Leadership Development Program and was named a 2011-2012 YWCA Rising Star and completed the YWCA Board Leadership Program.  Dr. Elliott enjoys spending time with her family and loves Zumba. Email: brandi.elliott@uc.edu



Ms. Priscilla Ayala Staff Picture

Priscilla Ayala says: “I am passionate in advocating for students because I believe in encouraging opportunities and learning experiences for students’ success, development and growth.”


Ms. Priscilla Ayala

Priscilla Ayala is a Kansas City, MO. native, of Colombian descent, as both her parents are from Colombia, South America. Ms. Ayala received two Bachelor of Arts Degrees in History and Spanish with a minor in Latin American Studies, as well as her Master of Science Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Missouri State University.  She serves as the Assistant Director for the Office of Ethnic Programs and Services. Her responsibilities will consist of helping to coordinate new and existing program initiatives including areas of multicultural programming, service learning and community outreach. In addition Ms. Ayala, will also serve as a resource to help advise, build relationships, and assist in retention and academic success, regarding the Latino student population at UC.  She is a family orientated person, and in her free time; she enjoys traveling, being with family and friends, listening to music, dancing, and watching movies. E-Mail: Priscilla.Ayala@uc.edu



Peyton Wu Staff Picture

Favorite Quote: “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."



Peyton Wu 

Peyton Wu is a New Jersey native of Taiwanese descent. Peyton received their B.A. in Hxtory and Certificate in LGBT Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park and their M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Miami University, Ohio. They serve as a Program Coordinator for the Office of Ethnic Programs and Services where their responsibilities include coordinating, developing, and executing new and existing programs for the Darwin T. Turner Scholarship Program. Peyton is a highly relational individual and enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as meeting with folks one on one. In their spare time, Peyton appreciates listening to music, watching movies and shows, traveling, attending sporting events, and exploring unknown places. Email: peyton.wu@uc.edu 

Leland Brown III Staff Picture

Favorite Quote: “I tell you what freedom is to me: no fear."



Mr. Leland Brown III

Leland W. Brown III is a Galveston, Texas native. Leland received His B.A. in English, Communication Arts, Speech and Theater Education from Bethel College in Kansas. Leland serves as a Program Coordinator for the Office of Ethnic Programs and Services where his responsibilities include coordinating, developing, & executing new and existing programs for Identity based initiatives here on campus as well as, serve as a resource to help advise, build relationships, and assist in retention and academic success through collaborative efforts with other Student Affairs Departments and Academic Colleges. Leland loves three things: Family, Football (as he has played it all of his life) and singing opera! In his spare time, you can find him working out, singing, or helping out local football teams. If you see him around be ready to strike up conversation as he thoroughly enjoys conversation and building relationships. Email: leland.brown@uc.edu 


Vamshi Kore Staff Picture

Vamshi says: “Never be too busy to meet someone new because life is all about the people you meet and the things you create with them.”

Mr. Vamshi Krishna Kore

Vamshi Krishna Kore is a native of the city of Hyderabad from India. He is an International student at the University of Cincinnati currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering. He completed his Bachelor of Technology from JNTU, Hyderabad (India). Vamshi serves as the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Ethnic Programs and Services where his primary responsibilities include coordinating and executing social events and initiatives for the BEARchats program. In addition, he also assists with the planning and executing of cultural heritage months celebrations, and marketing as well as help develop strategies to create greater visibility. Vamshi is a cheerful individual and is enthusiastic about meeting new people. Outside of academics, Vamshi is a passionate cricketer and has represented his high school and university cricket teams. He also enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and exploring unknown places. Email: koresa@mail.uc.edu