Audio Visual

All rooms equipped with drop-down screens; most have ceiling-mounted projectors.  Other A/V capabilities:

  • DVD and CD players
  • Laptop computers
  • Technical outline and plots available for Great Hall
  • 35 mm projector in the MainStreet Cinema
  • Televised electronic messaging system
  • Public announcement system throughout TUC

Both permanently installed and portable equipment are available. The TUC Event Staff will set up all equipment requested to Conference & Event Services, prior to your event. All equipment is subject to availability. We would be havppy to discuss specific A/V details and set-up arrangements prior to your event. Please contact Conference & Event Services to make arrangements, charges may apply. 

TUC Fixed A/V Equipment





Floor Podium

Built-In Computer Projector



Wall Mounted Speakers

College Cable

Microphone Inputs


            X X      
415A             X X      
415B X     X X X X X X    
417A       X
X   X X X    
417B             X   X    
417C             X X X    
419A X     X X X X X X    
419B             X X      
423 X     X X X X X X    
425 X     X X X X X X    
427 X     X X X X X X    
400A X     X X X X X X   X
400B X     X X X X X X   X
400C X     X X X X X X   X
Cinema   X X X X X X   X   X
Great Hall   X X X X X X   X   X


Equipment rental

Requests for equipment the day of the event in TUC are subject to availability and will incur a $100 late reservation fee. For information about equipment rental and services available from the University Libraries’ Multimedia Services, contact Conference & Event Services at (513) 558-1810 or by email at

Internet access

Guests to UC will be able to access the internet anywhere on campus where wireless internet service is currently available. When searching for internet access, guests should select the “ucguest” option. No log on information is needed, but guests must review and accept UCIT’s terms of use before a connection will be allowed. The speed of the connection will depend largely on the volume of usage.