Conference & Event Management

Whether you already have a complete program plan or are only beginning to think about it, we can help you design and deliver an educational event that lets the rest of the world tap the resources and energy that are the University of Cincinnati. Whether you are looking to hold your conference locally, nationally, or internationally, we can help! We are available ANYTIME...ANYWHERE!

Conference & Event Services provides complete conference management services. We work with departments, colleges, administrative units, and individual faculty to determine how best to meet their needs in planning and executing a conference or training event. We offer efficient and cost-effective management of:         

• Meeting rooms                                                                    
• Exhibits            
• AV and meeting technology • Meals and special food events
• Accommodations  
• Speakers
• Marketing and promotion 
• Publications
• Program budgets • Registration
• Participant materials   
• On-site Services

More detailed examples of the services we provide at the links below.

                Program Management

                Registration Management

                Electronic Abstract Submission

                Exhibit Hall Management

Management Fee

A management fee is charged for our services. A management fee is set, based on the requested level of service. This fee is in addition to all direct expenses incurred by Conference & Event Services in the management of the conference. Once a fee has been determined, additional services that significantly alter our commitment of resources to the program may result in an increase in the management fee.

A program agreement which includes an estimated budget and outlines all financial responsibilities will be prepared for all parties to sign prior to the start of conference planning.

For more information

Our office looks forward to working with you on your program. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 513-558-1810, or at