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The Faculty Assembly

Preparatory Materials

The following readings have been
selected to raise questions about
technology-interdisciplinarity in our transforming university.

Additionally, offline see:

  • A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change, by Thomas and Brown, 2011, chapters 2 and 3, pages 34-49


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Chris Kasabach Biography

This year following the All University Faculty meeting with Presidential address, the university faculty will come together in our second annual Faculty Assembly to examine intellectually the foundational issues surrounding the integration of computer and digital technology into academic life.  The Faculty Assembly will begin with a presentation by Chris Kasabach.  Chris was recently selected as Director of the Thomas J. Watson (IBM) Fellowship.  He will discuss how his transformation has led him to this new position and gives him a unique vantage point in discussing the issues facing higher education.  His talk will focus on the integration of technology into our campuses, curriculum and lives, providing a provocative basis for discussions held at round tables comprised of small groups of faculty.  The groups will respond to the issues raised and discuss the role of technology as it relates to education at UC, particularly how it might be leveraged for greater interdisciplinarity.

Chris has a unique background in education, research, new technology and teaching. He is a co-founder of BodyMedia, Inc. an international, connected-healthcare company that helped change the face of self-care over the last decade. Chris has worked in interdisciplinary teams most of his career.  He received a Watson Fellowship following his undergraduate degree in design at Carnegie Mellon and completed his MPA at Harvard’s Kennedy School where he founded k*lab an organization that bridges groups at Harvard and MIT to develop new interdisciplinary ventures with high public impact.

As a result of his new role at the Watson Foundation, Chris had a unique opportunity to reflect on IBM’s 100th anniversary this summer. IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, also recently had a winning run on Jeopardy and in September was hired to analyze data in the healthcare industry, representing an entirely new level of computation power in medical problem solving and patient diagnosis. Chris has been meeting with a number of college faculty, deans and presidents in his new role and learning how American colleges are responding to and integrating new technology in ways that enhance and ultimately will transform the learning experience.