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The Faculty Assembly


The purpose of the Faculty Assembly is to create discussion among faculty that leads to a shaping of an agenda for more detailed discussions at the All-University Faculty Meetings in October and May as well as potentially affect governance agendas of Faculty Senate and All-University Committees.

October 25, 2011 Schedule of Events

The Faculty Assembly will follow the All-University Faculty Meeting from 2:30 - 3:30.  The Faculty Assembly will begin at 4:00 p.m., following a brief appetizer reception to transition faculty from the preceding All-University Faculty Meeting.

4:00-4:10 p.m. Opening of Assembly, recognition of all new faculty members and introduction of Chris Kasabach.  
4:10-4:40 p.m. “Provocation” by Chris Kasabach on the notion of technology-interdisciplinarity in a transforming university.  
4:40-5:00 p.m. Faculty sitting at round-tops of eight engage with each other and discuss the provocation and generate two questions to be submitted to a moderator.  
5:00-5:40 p.m.
Chris Kasabach responds to a selected set of submitted questions.  
5:40-6:00 p.m.
Faculty at round-tops discuss responses and generate specific issues they wish the faculty to focus more detail upon in subsequent workshop sessions during the academic year.  
6:00 p.m. Close of Assembly