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Faculty Club Election

The election results are in!  The candidates elected are Scott Steger-Vice President, Cathy Castillo-Treasurer, Deborah Weinstein-Secretary, and Carol Livingston and John Goering - Board Members.

Thanks to Cynthia and Bernie for participating in the election!

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The following members have been nominated to serve on the Faculty Club Board of Governors. 

Officer Positions – One-Year Term Starting July 1, 2013

Vice President               Scott Steger, Office of Admissions

Treasurer                       Cathy Castillo, University Health Services

Secretary                        Deborah Weinstein, Student Affairs & Services


At Large Board Members – Two Vacancies
Three-year terms July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2016

John Goering           Founder, Goering Center for Family & Private Business

Carol Livingston    CECH (retired)

Cynthia Lockhart    Professional Practice

Bernie Meese        Athletics (retired)

Ballots will be distributed electronically on March 29.  Paper ballots will be sent to those members who do not have email.  All ballots must be voted by 2:00 pm, April 15.  Return paper ballots to the club in person or by mail to Cincinnati Faculty Club, PO Box 210106, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0106.