Music at the Club

Faculty and staff are invited to enjoy "Music at the Club" at the Faculty Club Dining Room, 7th Floor, Richard E. Lindner Varsity Village.

Enjoy the club's great food, friendly staff, PLUS elegant musical performances by talented CCM students during the lunch hours.

Wednesday, July 24 - Brian Graiser, Vibraphone

Give us your suggestions for music you would like to hear at the club.  Email or call the Business Office at or 556-4157.  

Performances take place from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Reservations are suggested - 556-4154.

Membership is not required for "Music at the Club" dates.  Guests are invited to explore the benefits of club membership. 

CCM students who have performed at "Music at the Club"

Hee Jin Yoon, Harp
Jennifer Gosack, Flute
Andy Wygant, Acoustic Guitar
Sarah Hutchings, Piano
Benjamin Thomas and Peter Gemus, Jazz Duo - Acoustic Guitar and Bass
Hee Jin Yoon and Siryung Park, Harp and Violin Duo
Kyle Ferguson, Steel Drum
Lindsay Leach, Flute
Jackson Steiger, Piano
Alaina Graiser, Harp
Brian Graiser, Vibraphone

These talented artists are available to perform at your weddings, parties, and other events.  Call or email the Faculty Club Business Office at 556-4157 or for contact information.