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Speaker Series Coming Events

Reservations Required for All Events – Call 556-4154 or email
Buffet lunch served – 11:30 am
Speaker – Noon

2015-16 Season Speakers Series

Please mark the fourth Thursdays for lunch and a speaker:

            September 24, 2015                          October 22, 2015

            January 28, 2016                                February 25, 2016                  March 24, 2016

Meet in the 8th Floor Banquet Room (850 Lindner) at 11:30 AM for lunch.  Our speaker will begin at Noon.  Lunch is free to Faculty Club Members; $7 for non-members.  RSVP required.

Thursday, September 24, 2015         Kelly Cohen, PhD 

Title: Making the Case for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): Interesting Opportunities and Challenges to be Addressed (that’s drones in case you don’t recognize UAVs)

Kelly Cohen is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. He has been with the University of Cincinnati since 2007. Dr. Cohen has been working in the area of UAVs since 1990. His research in the area of UAVs is supported by the Air Force, NASA, NSF and local industry.

Thursday October 22, 2015  Steven Howe, PhD and Valerie Gray Hardcastle, PhD

Title: The Changing Demographics of the UC Faculty, 1990 to 2015 (Professors Hardcastle and Howe will present data showing how the composition of the AAUP Bargaining Unit has changed over the past 25 years and highlight some ongoing concerns regarding the status of women and underrepresented minority faculty at UC)

Steven Howe is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology, former head of Psychology, and former President of the UC Chapter of the American Association of University Professors. Valerie Gray Hardcastle is Professor of Philosophy, Psychology, and Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, and Executive Director of UC LEAF.

Thursday January 28, 2016   Ethan Katz, PhD

Title: The meaning of Charlie Hebdo:   Muslims & Jews in France, Yesterday & Today (The presentation will build upon the speaker’s research over the past ten years into Muslims, Jews and their relations in France from World War I until the present)

Ethan Katz is an Assistant Professor of History.  He was educated at Amherst College and the University of Wisconsin.  He is drawing his material from his recently published book on the history of Jews and Muslims in France since World War I.   


Thursday February 25, 2016 Eva Enkelmann, PhD

Title: Building the Earth’s highest coastal mountain range – the St. Elias Mountains in Southeast Alaska (The heavily glaciated St. Elias Mountains in Alaska constitute a perfect natural laboratory to study the tectonic processes and climate-driven surface processes and their interaction over million year time scales. This interplay not only results in the earth’s highest coastal mountain range, but also caused far-field effects in the interior of Alaska and northern Canada.) 

Eva Enkelmann, Assistant Professor joined the Department of Geology at the University of Cincinnati in January 2013.  She has undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Freiberg, Germany. She did postdoctoral research at Lehigh University and was a research scientist and lecturer at the University of Tuebingen.  

Thursday March 24, 2016     Julie Heath, PhD

Title: Can You Measure That? UC’s Economics Center and the Community (a brief overview of the education and research mission of the center and some of the recent research).

Julie Heath is the Director of the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati and the President of the Ohio Council on Economic Education.  Dr. Heath received her Ph.D. in Economics at the University of South Carolina. Prior to coming to UC, Dr. Heath spent 26 years at the University of Memphis.


If you have suggestions for entertaining and informative speakers, email the topic, speaker, and contact information to  

Previous Speakers:

2014-2015 Season:

Dr. Attila Kilinc, Professor, Arts & Sciences, Shake and Bake: Earthquakes & Volcanoes
Dr. Michael Benson, Professor, CECH, Corporate Fraud and the American Economy
Tommy Tuberville, UC Head Football Coach


2013-2014 Season:

Professor Mark Godsey, The Ohio Innocence Project
Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley
Senior Vice President and Provost Dr. Beverly Davenport
Dr. Elizabeth Frierson, Associate Professor of History, World War I and the Arts
Associate Professor and Creative Writing Director Leah Stewart, "The History of Us"


2012-2013 Season:

Cincinnati Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls, Developments in Cincinnati
Dr. Lakshmi Kode Sammarco, Hamilton County Coroner, "Coroner 101: An Introduction to the Hamilton County Coroner's Office and Crime Laboratory"
Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar Mike Magazine, "Sports by the Numbers"
UC Police Chief Michael Cureton, "The Jeanne Clery Act"
Drs. Stephen Mockabee, Patrick Miller and Andrew Lewis, Political Science, "The 2012 Elections"
Drs. William Jensen, Henry Fenichel and Milton Orchin, Scientist in the Service of Israel: The Life and Times of Ernst David Bergmann (1903-1975)

2011-2012 Season:

Dr. Steven Ellis, Classics, "A Day in Pompeii"
Nancy Riley, 2012 World Choir Games
Butch Jones, Head Coach UC Football
Dr. George Uetz, Biological Sciences, "Yes, Virginia, There IS a Spider Lab at UC"
Greg Hand, Director of UC Public Relations, "The WPA Guide to Cincinnati"
Mark Curnutte, Cincinnati Enquirer Social Issues/Minority Affairs Reporter and Author, A Promise in Haiti: A Reporter's Notes on Families and Daily Lives
Dr. Ken Tankersley, Anthropology, "Archaeological Evidence for Climate Change in the Greater Cinicnnati Area"
"A Conversation with Mary Ronan" Superintendent, Cincinnati Public Schools

2010-2011 Season:

Dr. George Vredeveld, Economics Center for Education & Research, Cincinnati and the Economy
Dr. Michael Sitko, Physics, Astonishing Things in Astronomy
Jeff Dundon, UC Foundation, Estate Planning: Learn the New Rules Before They Expire and What Never Changes
Greg Hardman, President, Christian Moerlein Brewing Company and Michael Morgan, author of “Over the Rhine: When Beer was King”, Over the Rhine Brewery District
Drs. Barbara Bardes, Stephen Mockabee and Al Tuchfarber, The 2010 Mid-Term Elections: Sea Change or Tempest in a Teapot?
Dr. Richard Harknett, The Obama Administration and Foreign Policy – A Midterm Assessment
Dr. Theresa Leininger-Miller, DAAP , The Transatlantic Connection:  New Negro Artists in Paris, 1922-1934

2009-2010 Season:

Bill Mulvihill and Jeff Dundon, UC Foundation
John Schneider, Alliance for Regional Transit, A Desire Named Streetcar - Streetcar Proposal
Nancy Huth, Taft Museum of Art, Dutch Utopia
Bernadette Plair, Cincinnati Zoo CREW Program
Kevin Grace, University Archivist, Notorious Cincinnatians
Dina Bailey, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
John Andrews and Jeff Corcoran, Preparing for a Global Epidemic

2008-2009 Season:

Aubrey Berg, CCM Musical Theater Department
Jay Chatterjee, Deconstruction of Politics and Architecture at UC
Mick Cronin, Head Coach, UC Basketball
Tim Johnson, Johnson Investment Counsel, Economic Update
Robin Engel, CECH, Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence
Brian Kelly, Head Coach, UC Football
Jennifer E. Williams, Out of the Crossfire
Jenefer Robinson, A&S, Emotional Responses to Music
Richard Harknett, McCain’s or Obama’s Inheritance:  Post-Bush World Politics and What Either Can Do About It