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Faculty Development Council

Faculty Development provides leadership and coordination for a wide variety of professional-development initiatives and resources. Areas of focus include the enhancement of pedagogical and scholarly skills and knowledge as well as academic leadership experience, all within the framework of the university‚Äôs mission of teaching, research/scholarship, and service. To view  these opportunities please visit the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost website.

Frequently asked questions about Faculty Senate

What is the contractual basis for the Faculty Senate?

Contractual Recognition of the Faculty Senate (Contract between UC and AAUP UC)

Section 27.1  The variety and complexity of tasks performed by institutions of higher education produce an interdependence among constituent elements of the university‚Ķ.Shared responsibility for governance is based upon mutual trust and respect for diverse interests and perspectives and is an iterative and consultative process. To be effective, shared governance clearly defines roles, scope of authority, and responsibility for decision-making among faculty governance bodies and university administrators. Effective shared governance also requires joint responsibility for timely implementation.

27.2.6 The parties to this Agreement recognize the Faculty Senate and Student Senate, and the by-laws which govern their relationship with the University.

27.2.7 With respect to Faculty priorities in those areas not specifically dealt with through the collective bargaining process, both parties to this Agreement recognize the Faculty Senate as the primary governance body representing the Faculty which shall have the right to advise the President and the Vice Presidents.

Who are the members of the Faculty Senate?

Membership of the Faculty Senate (Article II, Section 2, University Bylaws)

 There shall be a faculty senate of the university faculty composed of the following:

a.  Full-time faculty.  Two members elected from each of the degree-offering units of the university, the division of professional practice, and collectively all the libraries of the university, plus eight members who shall be elected at-large.

b.   Emeriti. One member elected by the emeriti faculty.

c.  Part-time faculty. Two members elected from that group of part-time faculty who are teaching, on the average, a minimum of three quarter courses or the equivalent per year (up to sixty-five per cent of a full-time faculty position as defined by the collective bargaining agreement) and who have taught as part-time faculty in the university of Cincinnati for three years or more.

d.  Ex-officio members.  The president of the university, the chairperson and secretary of the university faculty, and the faculty representatives to the board of trustees shall be ex-officio members of the faculty senate.  The past chairperson of the university faculty shall be an ex-officio, at-large member of the faculty senate and a member of the cabinet for the year immediately following his/her term of office as chairperson.  The chairperson-elect of the university faculty shall be an ex-officio, at-large member of the faculty senate and a member of the cabinet for the year immediately preceding his/her term of office as chairperson.