Charge:  The Governance Committee shall be responsible for on-going review of and revisions to the by-laws, clarifying and strengthening the involvement of faculty on university committees, assuring training for faculty serving on Faculty Senate and other university committees, monitoring governance policies and practices and recommending new policies and practices to ensure effective involvement of faculty in university decision making.  In addition, the Governance Committee shall be available to assist faculty with governance issues occurring within their college or unit.

Membership:  6 members with 3 members elected each year to serve a 2 year term.  Retiring members may run for re-election.  The chair of the committee is appointed separately by the Chair of the Faculty for a one year term and must be a current member of the Faculty Senate.

Chair:  Bruce Davis (CLER)


Marla Hall (A&S)

Arlene Johnson (Libraries)

Joel Wolfe (A&S)





Jason Gregg (CON)

Teresa Roig-Torres (UCBA)

Annie Straka (ELCE)    

Committee Reports

June 14, 2017

October 3, 2016

December 7, 2016