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Academic Affairs Committee

There shall be a standing committee known as the academic affairs committee. It shall have seven members elected by the faculty senate, serving two-year staggered terms. The chairperson of the university faculty shall annually appoint an individual who is both a member of the committee and a member of the faculty senate to serve as the chairperson of this committee. The committee on committees shall nominate, when feasible, two persons for every vacancy of the committee. The academic affairs committee shall investigate and make recommendations for faculty senate action concerning any educational or academic policy or practice at the university, or any proposed practice or policy, that is referred to the committee by the university faculty, the faculty senate or the chairperson of the university faculty. One or more of its members may serve as faculty senate representative and liaison to all university committees responsible for academic affairs.

Rebecca Leugers,(Chair) Rebecca.Leugers@uc.edu
Beverly Reigle beverly.reigle@uc.edu
Teresa Roig-Torres teresa_roig-torres@uc.edu
Julia Gill
Linda Graeter
Rebecca Leugers (CAHS Rebecca.Leuger@uc.edu
Lisa Beckelhimer( A&S) Lisa.Beckelhimer@uc.edu
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