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Information Technology Committee

There shall be a standing committee known as the information technology committee. It shall consist of four at-large members elected by the faculty senate, one representative from each degree-offering unit of the university, the division of professional practice, collectively all the libraries of the university, the vice president for information technology (ex officio), and the “UCit” director of educational services (ex officio). The unit representative shall be the chair of the faculty technology committee in the unit or a member of any such committee properly designated to serve in his or her stead. In the absence of a faculty technology committee, the unit shall appoint a faculty member involved with technology. The at-large members elected by the senate shall serve two-year staggered terms. The chairperson of the university faculty shall annually appoint an individual who is both a member of the committee and a member of the faculty senate to serve as the chairperson of this committee. The information technology committee shall formulate and express faculty views on information technology issues. Matters requiring faculty action shall be sent as recommendations to the faculty senate. The committee will recommend electronic voting procedural standards and tools that assure security, anonymity, and faculty control. The committee will offer consultation and training and when asked to do so may assess the legitimacy of software employed for soliciting faculty votes. One or more committee members may serve as faculty senate representative and liaison to all university committees responsible for information technology.

Russ McMahon, (Chair, CECH)
Mara Helmuth (CCM)
Victoria Wangia (CAHS)
Pat McSwiggen (A&S)
Rachel Smith (Law)
Bob Cluxton (Pharmacy)
John Hutton (Medicine)
Nikole Hicks (Nursing)
Xuefu (Frank) Zhou (CEAS)
Jan Ojdana Jan.Ojdana@uc.edu
Bob Rokey rokeyrs@ucmail@uc.edu
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October 03, 2013 Report
November 05, 2013 Report
December 12, 2013
January 16, 2014 Report
February 6, 2014 Report
March 10, 2014 Report
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