Information Technology Committee

Charge:  The information technology committee shall formulate and express faculty views on information technology issues, including distance learning and online courses, recommend electronic voting procedural standards and tools that ensure security, anonymity, and faculty control, offer consultation and training, and, if asked, assess the legitimacy of software employed for soliciting faculty votes. Matters requiring faculty action shall be sent as recommendations to the senate.

Membership:  In addition to members from each college, libraries, professional practice and 2 ex-officio members, there are 4 at-large representatives elected to serve 2 year terms.  Retiring members may run for re-election.  The chair of the committee is appointed separately by the Chair of the Faculty for a one year term and must be a current member of the Faculty Senate.

Chair:  Victoria Wangia-Anderson (CAHS)


Larry Bennett (CEAS)


Sherry Donaworth (CON)

Melanie Kroger-Jarvis (CON)


A&S - Cynthia Ris

CAHS - Erin Redle

CCM - Michelle Conda

CEAS - Kumar Vemaganti

CECH - Laura Dell

CLER - open

COB - Rob Rokey


COL - open

COM - Bryan MacKenzie  

CON - Valorie Grant

COP - open

DAAP - open

LIB - Bill McMillin

ProPEL - Todd Foley

UCBA - Ted Fowler  

Committee Reports