Committee on Committees

Committee on committees. There shall be a standing committee known as the committee on committees. Each year, at the first meeting of the newly constituted faculty senate, the chairperson of the university faculty shall appoint to this committee the senator from each academic unit represented in the faculty senate who is serving in the second year of his/her term. The chairperson of the university faculty shall also appoint, with the consent of the faculty senate, a member of the faculty senate to chair this committee. Each committee member shall maintain a list of faculty from his/her academic unit and endeavor to learn about their interests and abilities as regards service on university committees. It shall be the responsibility of this committee to provide to the faculty senate lists of nominees for designation as faculty representative for all university committees when faculty interests are involved or, if so directed by the faculty senate, to make those designations directly. It shall be the committee’s responsibility to select nominees who will reflect the diverse interests and viewpoints of the university faculty, insofar as feasible.

Sub-committee: Because it is sometimes necessary for the committee to act quickly, it is empowered to create an executive sub-committee of five persons from among its membership. This sub-committee may act in place of the full committee at the discretion of the chairperson of the committee.

Marla Hall, Chair (A&S)
Arlene Johnson (at large)
Gowribalan (Ana) Vamadeva (at large)
Victoria Wangia-Anderson (at large)
Dana Griffith (part time)
Pamela Greenstone (CAHS)   
Janine Hartman (A&S)
Rajan Kamath (COB)
Emma Griffin (CCM)
Mark Turner (CEAS)  
Laura Nabors (CECH)
Wanda McCarthy (CLER)
Brian Schumacher (DAAP)
Jennifer Krivickis (Libraries)
Amanda Stein (COM)
Diana McIntosh (CON)
Bob Cluxton   (COP)
Datina Juran (ProPEL)
Margaret Cheatham (UCBA)