Fellows of the Graduate School

The Fellows of The Graduate School recognizes distinguished researchers and scholars from throughout the University of Cincinnati. In addition to their outstanding individual accomplishments, Fellows are generally among the most experienced and accomplished graduate-student mentors at the University.  

New Fellows are elected annually by the current Fellows and then appointed for life by the Board of Trustees. Criteria for election include evidence of outstanding scholarly and/or artistic attainment. The Fellows therefore constitute a significant resource of talent, experience and intellect at the university. 

While election is intended partly to honor distinguished faculty, Fellows meet regularly to discuss matters arising at the university, and the Fellows have functioned in important advisory roles in graduate education and research, including planning and development. Fellows are also called upon regularly to provide feedback on new initiatives and review research proposals at all levels of the university.

Our New Graduate Fellows for 2016!

News & Events

Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover Visit on August 24

The Fellows of the Graduate School are co-sponsoring the visit of distinguished speaker Aaron Ciechanover, MD, DSc. Dr. Ciechanover, a distinguished research professor in the Department of Biochemistry and a faculty of medicine at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2004.

The nobel laureate will present the Rachford Lecture for Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation on Wednesday, August 24, 1–2 p.m. in Research Auditorium ~ R.3381. The title of his lecture is “The Ubiquitin Proteasome System and Intracellular Proteolysis: From Basic Mechanisms thru Human Diseases and on to Drug Targeting.”

Recipients Announced for New Graduate Student Fellows Program

The Fellows of the Graduate School, with the support of the Graduate School, are happy to announce that they have selected their first group of Graduate Student Fellows for funding. This new program, called Fellowship for Doctoral Students Aspiring to Academic Careers, provides talented doctoral students funding and mentorship through small-group interactions with senior faculty from diverse disciplines so as to fully integrate them into the academic environment. By exposing students to the benefits, opportunities and challenges of an academic career, the program prepare and energize awardees for securing tenure-track positions. Six PhD students were selected from among 21 applications from six colleges for funding. Winners include three students from three departments in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, two students from the College of Medicine and one student from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. The following awardees are the first Graduate Student Fellows:

William Ayers, Division of Composition, Musicology, and Theory, College-Conservatory of Music
Kelly Blewett, Department of English and Comparative Literature, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
Arnold Gutierrez, Neuroscience Graduate Program, College of Medicine
Aaron May, Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine Graduate Program, College of Medicine
Anwar Mhajne, Department of Political Science, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
Amanda Powers, Department of Biological Sciences, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

Each Fellow will be awarded $2,000 per year, with the opportunity for renewed funding for up to four years until defense of their doctoral dissertation. These students will soon be tasked with selecting their mentorship teams from both within and outside their disciplines. Congratulations to each winner!