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Am I required to have a meal plan? If so, why? 
Participation in the meal plan is an important part of the support system provided by living on campus. It is one element that enhances the academic efforts and social adjustment of new students and provides health and convenience benefits to all students.

All first-year students living in residence halls are required to participate in a meal plan. Second year and upper-class residents can opt out of having a meal plan.

Co-op students may choose not to participate in any meal plan during their work sections, providing they complete a Petition Release form prior to the beginning of their work section.


Complete a Meal Plan Change Form prior to the beginning of their work section or within 5 days of the first day of class each term.

I want a different meal plan. How do I change it? 
Requests for meal plan changes must be received by HFS within 5 business days from the first day of the term to be effective for that term. You may submit a Meal Plan Change Request online or via email to

Petitions to be released from the Meal Plan must be received by the Housing Office by the dates specified in the Housing Agreement to be considered for the following quarters. Release from the meal plan is considered for financial and dietary concerns.  Dietary issues include medical or religious concerns.  The Medical Documentation form included in the petition packet must be completed and submitted by your physician.  Other release requests with appropriate documentation will be considered on an individual basis.

Can anyone eat at the Dining Centers?
YES!  Dining Centers allow students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community to meet and enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining in one easy location.  Dining Centers accept Meal Plans, the Bearcat Campus Card, and cash.

What are my meal plan options?
Residential packages include two meal plans options: Unlimited (15 guest passes/semester) or Block Plan (12 meals/week, unlimited guest passes). The Unlimited Plan includes $150 BC dollars that can be used on in the food court, laundry machines and various off-campus vendors.  Depending on your eating habits, schedule, and lifestyle, you can pick the right plan for you.  For more detailed information about
Residential Meal Plans, visit

If I don't live in on-campus housing, can I still get a meal plan?
YES!  We offer the Campus Dining Pass to upper-class students living in the residence halls, commuting students, faculty, and staff.  These plans offer a great value with combinations of all-you-care-to-eat meals and Bearcat Card money. Visit the Food Services website for more detailled information about Campus Dining Pass options.

If I don't use all of my meals in one week, do they carry over to the next week?
The residential meal plans carry over week to week but do not carry over from semester to semester.

Can I treat a friend by using my Meal Plan?
The Unlimited Plan offers 15 guest passes to use throughout the semester, whereas, the Block Plan offers unlimited guest passes.