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Residential Meal Plans

To dine with friends is fun. To dine worry-free is a bonus. 

Simplify your life! Meal plans come in many convenient shapes and sizes. A magnetic strip on the back of your Bearcat Card works with our computer system to identify you as having a meal plan. By combining a Meal Allowance with Bearcat Card Dollars, you can find a plan that's right for you.


Meal Plan




  • Unlimited dine-in meal swipes
  • $150 BC dollars/semester
  • 15 guest meals/semester
$2,247 $4,494
186 Block Plan
  • Averages 12 meals/week
  • Unrestricted guest meals
$2,229 $4,458


Returning residents have two additional options within their Housing Agreement:
- The Campus Dining Pass
- The Upperclass No-Meal Plan option

* Meals on the plan may be used at MarketPointe@Siddall and CenterCourt, and StadiumView Cafe Dining Centers.

** Bearcat Card (BC) dollar amounts are added to the student’s ID as part of the meal plan. The BC dollars may be spent at any on-campus food location (including the Dining Centers) as well as any off-campus location participating in the BC program.  BC dollars carry over from one semester to the next, and a refund of any unspent BC dollars is available upon request at the end of spring semester or upon leaving UC.

Residential Meal Plans are also available for students who live off campus. Off campus students can purchase online here.

About the Plans

Unlimited Plan

This plan offers the greatest amount of flexibility and value.  Unlimited dine-in swipes for the owner of the plan, 15 guest meals per semester, and $150 Bearcat Dollars per semester.  This plan also allows one "to go" meal from Stadium View Cafe per meal period.

186 Block Plan

This plan averages 12 meals/week to use over the semester including "to go" meals from StadiumView Cafe.  Guest meals are unrestricted.  One meal is depleted for your total account balance each time you enter the dining center.  If you bring a guest with you that is counted as two meals (one meal for yourself and one for your guest) and your overall account balance will go down by two meals.

No Meal Plan Option

Upperclass residents will be able to opt out of having a meal plan. Although upperclass students will not be required to have a meal plan, you may want to consider the savings offered by the Campus Dining Pass used by many commuter students, faculty, and staff.

 *Additional Bearcat Card dollars can be added to any of the meal plans.