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2014 Recipients

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Trustees' Award


UC Foundation Staff Award of Merit


Student Philanthropy Award



Phil D. Collins, Business ' 89

Phil Collins is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where he served as student body president. In addition to serving as a trustee and member of the executive committee of the UC Foundation, he serves as a member of the investment committee of UC's $1 billion endowment. He is an avid Bearcats fan and a member of the Sigma Sigma men’s honorary at UC. His wife Lela is a 1990 graduate of the UC College of Education, and his daughter is a current student and fourth generation Bearcat in the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences.

A.J. “Gus” McPhie

A. J. “Gus” McPhie is a family oriented retired businessman who has been actively involved as a volunteer in the Cincinnati community.  He came to Cincinnati with Procter & Gamble, met and married his wife, Mary, a Cincinnati native, and raised their kids with her.  Gus has been a long time UC sports fan who enjoys traveling and is a dedicated tennis player.  He is a graduate of John Carroll University where he participated in a number of extra-curricular activities.

Caroline Brotherton-Miller

Caroline Miller has served the University of Cincinnati for a decade — yet her impact on its culture of philanthropy and efforts to support need-based scholarships will be realized for generations to come. As the Senior Associate Vice President and Associate Provost for Enrollment Management she helped establish the Student Need Scholarship Fund and continues to spread the message about unmet student need, both through letters to employees and meetings with key stakeholders. Miller also served as co-chair of the 2013-14 Faculty & Staff Campaigns and has been a member of the campaign’s steering committee for many years. In 2014, she helped the campaign reach $13.9 million in fundraising, a UC record.

Andrew Harmon, Business '14

A 2014 Kolodzik Business Scholar graduate, Andrew Harmon was the first student ever to graduate with the Family Business Certificate from the University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business. As a senior, Harmon spearheaded a campaign to secure donations from his fellow Kolodzik Scholars. The student-based fundraiser was the first in program history and thanks to Harmon’s dedication, 97 percent of students gave back. The outpouring of support motivated the program’s namesake, Marvin Kolodzik, and UC President Santa Ono to make additional contributions.

Past Recipients

Chairman's Award 

2013 Kirk Perry                       
2012 Jerry P. Leamon
2011 Sandra W. Heimann
2010 Anthony J. Perzigian, PhD
2009 Jeffrey P. Williams
2008 James C. Kautz
2007 George L. Strike
2006 Timothy E. Johnson, PhD
2005 Jeffrey L. Wyler
2004 Otto M. Budig, Jr.
2003 Brian H. Rowe
2002 Joan R. Herschede
1999 Reuven J. Katz
1998 Marjorie Hiatt
Thomas H. Humes, Jr.
1997 J. Clay Stinnett
H.C. Buck Niehoff
1996 Sigma Sigma
1995 James A.D. Geier
1994 Donald E. Becker
Robert J. Herbold
1993 Jack E. Brown
Dorsey W. Jones

Trustees' Award 

2013 Ed and Jean Wedbush
2012 Todd C. DeGarmo
2011 John M. Tew, Jr., MD
2010 Larry A. Sheakley
2009 Cora K. Ogle
2008 Robert E. Dobbs
2007 James J. Amann
2006 John Cuppoletti, PhD
2005 Gary E. Menchhofer
Margaret K. Valentine
2004 George J. Wile
2003 John B. Goering
2002 Roger H. Zanitsch
1999 S. Jay Stewart
1998 Nancy R. Hamant
1997 Eugene R. Allspach
Lamar L. Kerr
George A. Kralovich, Jr.
1996 James C. Kautz
1995 James A.D. Geier
John J. McDonough
1994 Frances D. Cohen
Jack L. Kopinsky
1993 Mary Ellen Betz
James E. Sauls, Sr.

UC Foundation Staff Award of Merit  

2013 William Mulvihill
2012 Linda E. Bledsoe
2011 Steve Rosfeld
Judy A. See
2009 William E. Henrich
2007 Richard W. Bauer

President's Medal of Honor  

2013 Steve Wilson