The University of Cincinnati Foundation

The University of Cincinnati Foundation

Herman Schneider Legacy Society Honor Roll of Donors

The Herman Schneider Legacy Society acknowledges donors who demonstrate commitment to future excellence at the University of Cincinnati by providing support for the future through planned gifts such as life insurance policies or provisions in their wills.

Herman Schneider Society members are dedicated to positioning UC as a world leader in education, research and service.

Thank you for making a difference!

Legacy Benefactor - $250,000+

Ira A. Abrahamson, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Amann
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Anderson
Mrs. Charles W. Anness
Mr. Neil R. Artman and Ms. Margaret L. Straub
Mr. Edwin L. Artzt
Dick and Fay Bauer
Dr. and Mrs. George G. Bemis, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy Anne Blatt
Mrs. Joan R. Borders
Mr. Kenneth F. Brandon
Mr. Andrew E. Brennemann, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Brown
Mr. Thomas R. Byar
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carleton
Roger Chalkley, Ph.D.
Mrs. K. Jeanette Chappelle
Mrs. Bessie Christopoulos
Ms. Joan Cochran
Nancy A. Creaghead, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Czinege
Carol A. Deets, Ed.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Drake
Mrs. Beverly S. Droege
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Erhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Evers
Mr. Richard A. Farr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fox
Mr. Ralph C. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Friedlander
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. George
Mrs. Gloria I. Giannestras
Ms. Elaine M. Gleason
John T. Gruenwald, Ph.D.
Mrs. Priscilla G. Haffner
Dr. Nancy and Mr. Thomas H. Hamant
Dean Valerie Gray Hardcastle and Mr. Jim Benton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Hedrick
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Heiman
Mrs. Christine Henry
Mr. John H. Hermanies
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Houpt
Evelyn V. Hess, M.D. and Michael Howett, M.D.
Ms. Lois J. Inskeep
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad J. Irving
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Katsanis
Mr. James C. Kautz
Charles E. Kiely, Jr., M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. Kolodny
Mr. Marvin P. Kolodzik
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Lauch, Jr.
Nancy M. Lorenzi, Ph.D.
Mrs. Norma Lutes
Ellen Lytle, MA, MDes
Mrs. Katharine C. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Merten, Jr.
Mr. Dan Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Akila J. Misali
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mischell
Dr. Lily E. New
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Buck Niehoff
Mrs. Mary K. Niland
Milton Orchin, Ph.D.
Mrs. Thomas T. Oyler
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Parry
Ms. Jesselyn G. Peagler
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk L. Perry
Hon. and Mrs. Walter A. Porter
Dr. C. Edward Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Redlich
Mrs. George Rieveschl
Dr. Ingrid W. Ritschel
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Robbins
Mr. Michael D. Rose and Ms. Debbi J. Fields Rose
Mrs. Jill P. Rowe
Mr. George R. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Schlachter
Mrs. Nancy L. Schlemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Schloemer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Schoenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schumann
Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Sherman
Mr. Orville Simpson II
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Skidmore
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Spangler
Ronald G. Strauss, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Strike
Ms. Nell D. Surber
Wilbur A. Taylor, Jr., M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William Todd
Mr. Robert A. Toepfer
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow H. Uible
Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. White
Mr. James L. Winkle
Mr. Harris W. Wright
Mr. Steven L. Wright
Mr. Alvin L. Wulfekuhl

Legacy Founder - $100,000 to $249,999

Mr. Theodore Adkins
Mrs. Anne L. Ahlbrand
Mrs. Kathleen C. Allnutt
Mr. C Kevin Armstrong
Dr. Charles L. Barngrover
Aubrey Berg, Ph.D.
Donald J. Blaney, M.D.
Mr. Robert J. Buehler and Ms. Virginia S. Pedersen
Jeffery T. Burgin, Jr., Ed.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Byers, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Cassady
Mrs. Gretchen S. Collins
Ms. Mary Jo Cookson
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Davidson
Ms. Dorothy M. Dolfini
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Evans
Ms. Adele M. Fawns
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Fordyce
Carol S. Friel
Dr. and Mrs. Ira C. Gall
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Green
Dr. William B. Hall
Ms. Vaughan H. Hedrick
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Heisey
Mrs. Jill A. Hersman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Holmes
Mr. Lee and Mrs. Donna Hornberger
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Inzetta
Mrs. Christine I. Kallmeyer
Mr. Claire C. Katsanis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Kauper
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lance
Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Laney
Mrs. Charlotte A. Lanzit
Eva and Lynn C. Maddox
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. August C. Mazza
Mr. Kenneth F. Meyer
Mrs. Lynne Murphy
Hisayo Nakai, M.D.
Ms. Jacqueline C. Neumann
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Orphan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Osborn
Ms. Marilyn Z. Ott
Mrs. Yvonne S. Parchman
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley R. Pelling
Capt. Howard M. Plevyak, Jr. and Linda C. Plevyak, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Portway
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Power
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ramey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Riggs
Dr. Ingrid M. Ritschel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Roehr
Dr. and Mrs. Leo Roos
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin C. Schooler
Mrs. Esther Schwinger
Gwendolyn L. Scott, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Seilkop
Mr. and Mrs. Justin D. Shafer
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. Roger D. Smith
Ms. Pauline Smolin
Mrs. Betty R. Spitler
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Spitzen
Ken and Jean Stevenson
Mr. Everett F. Telljohann
Mr. and Mrs. Myron E. Ullman III
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Van Cleave III
Mr. and Mrs. F. Irving Walsh, Jr.
Elizabeth K. Weisburger, Ph.D.
Mr. Scott D. and Dr. Tina F. Whalen

Gifts from Estates

The University of Cincinnati and the UC Foundation extend our deepest gratitude to the following alumni and friends, whose estates the university received generous support from this past year.

Estate of Theodora Abrames
Estate of Murray M. Arnow
Estate of Dixie Lee C. Biesack
Estate of Christine Cox
Estate of Audrey Dick
Louise Dieterle Nippert Trust
Estate of Luba Dorman
Estate of Lucile and Richard Durrell
Estate of Emily G. Seaman
Estate of William L. Nimmo
Estate of Paul A. Games
Jack M. Goldberg Trust
Estate of Belle H. Goldman
Estate of Helene M. Goldman
Estate of Jacob S. Hermann
Estate of John G. Johannigman
Estate of Allison C. Kingston
Estate of Fred N. Kisslinger
Estate of Arthur E. Kluener
Estate of David V. Kuhaneck
Estate of Maurice D. Marsh
Estate of Thomas W. McDowell
Estate of Karl H. Merkel
Estate of Mary L. Meyer
Estate of Gene A. Mitchusson
Estate of William E. and Leah Molle
Estate of Virginia R. Murphy
Estate of Lois M. Niedhamer
Estate of Louise Nippert
Estate of Dana O. Ragsdale
Estate of C. Edward and Betty Rankin
Estate of Don Smally
Estate of E. Vernon Smith
Estate of Stephen S. Strickland
Estate of George L. Strike
Estate of Myra L. Uhlfelder
Estate of Cedric Vogel
Estate of Marguerite R. Whitney
Elaine L. Worsnop Charitable Lead Trust

Member - $1 to $99,999

Dr. P. Eric and Claudia M. Abercrumbie
Mr. John F. Albachten
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Albrecht
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Alspaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Astbury
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Baker
Ms. Henrietta Barlag
Naomi Barnett, Ph.D.
Mr. Albert M. Bary
Mr. Ronald W. Beathard
Dr. and Mrs. Clark E. Beck, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Berner
Mrs. Miriam G. Bernstein
Mrs. Mary H. Berry
Mrs. Marjorie L. Betz
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Block
Mrs. Joan R. Borders
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Born
Mr. Herbert H. Braden
Mr. and Mrs. Graal F. Braun
Mrs. Fern R. Brickweg
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Bridgeman
Ms. Arlene J. Brill
Mrs. Mariam Brinkmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Brooker
Dr. Ralph J. Bryson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Bunin
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bunnell
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Burns
Lt. Col. Carolyn S. Cade
Ms. Bonnie G. Camden
Mr. G. Gibson and Dr. Anna K. Carey
Mr. Tom Carsch
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Chernell
Ms. Linda Zitsman Chernick
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Christie, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Clase
Mrs. William E. Climer
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Cook
Ms. Lesta J. Cooper-Freytag
Mr. Clifford H. Coors
Mr. Charles L. Crowl
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Czinege
Mr. Eric J. Daiber
Dr. and Mrs. Rank O. Dawson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Dell
Mrs. Asiminia K. Demakes
Ms. Amy F. Dennison
Mr. and Mrs. F. Eugene DeVol
Mr. Thomas C. Dierkers
Ms. Beth S. Dochinger
Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Dugan
Cheryll A. Dunn, Ph.D.
Mr. Richard B. Dusterberg
Mr. Donald P. Ehrhart
Mr. Thomas G. Ernst
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Erschell, Jr.
Mrs. Anne G. Feuer
Elmer E. Fischer, Ed.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Flamm
Mr. and Mrs. C. Fred Foote
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Foster
Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Foxworthy
Mrs. Eugenia W. Freeman
Dr. and Mrs. Ben I. Friedman
Miss Roslyn Friedman
Agnes Frodge
Mrs. Harriett M. Frodge
Mr. and Mrs. L. Ronald Frommeyer
Mr. Frederic Gahr
Miss Linda Gall
Mrs. Robert W. Geiermann
Mr. Robert G. Gerdes
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gettler
Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Giammettei
Dr. Hendrik D. Gideonse and Dr. Sarah K. Gideonse
Mrs. Peg Gillespie
Mr. Walter E. Glas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Good
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Grott
Mr. Michael H. Haap
Mr. Steven A. Hamilton
Ms. Dorothy W. Harcourt
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hemmer
Drs. E. Edward and Halina Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Heyman
Ms. Haldane D. Higgins
Mrs. Sally A. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hillner
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hoeb, Jr.
Ms. Jody M. Hoffman
Mrs. Mary J. Holtson
Lynne A. Hopkins, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Howell
Ms. Monta K. Huber
Carol and Carl Huether, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Humes, Jr.
Jean S. Hunt, Ph.D.
Mrs. Maria L. Irvin
Bradley S. Jackson, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Howard Johnston
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jolson
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Jump, Jr.
John J. Kaib, M.D.
Edna S. Kaneshiro, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Keller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kellum, Jr.
Mr. William D. Kennedy
Elizabeth C. King, Ph.D. and Mr. Paul R. King
Mr. Thomas E. Kinman
Miss Sue M. Kircher
Miss Mary V. Kispert
Mr. Robert C. Kispert
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Koehler
William M. Kramer, Ph.D.
Dr. William E. Kuhn
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Kuhr
Ms. Leigh A. Kukral
Mr. Cyril W. Kupferberg
Mr. John W. Kurtz
Dr. and Mrs. Conway L. Lackman
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip P. Lanham
Mr. W. Harold Laster
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Laumann
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Laux
Arnold S. Leff, M.D.
Mrs. Sharon A. Leman
Dr. Maurie D. Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Levy
Warren M. Liang, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Corey A. Liepelt
Mrs. Marjorie E. Long
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Lower
Mr. Kenneth E. Ludlow
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell T. Lumley
Mrs. Susan Malaga
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Markle
Charminn Bleuzette Marshall, Ph.D.
Mr. Bill D. McAfee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maxon McClure
Mrs. Lynne McDonnell
Mrs. Nancy McGregor
Mrs. Carol U. McLain
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie R. Meese Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. C. Nelson Melampy
Mr. Ted Menderson
Mrs. Ellen G. Miller
Mr. Frederick F. Mischler
Morris Moel, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Dan H. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold E. Morelli
Mrs. Wanda B. Mosbacker
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Moss
Mrs. Marjorie Motch
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Muckley
Coach Larry J. Mullins
Mr. James P. Munger
Leo Munick, M.D.
Mr. George H. and Mrs. Ann Musekamp
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Neidhard
J. Brett Offenberger, M.D.
Professor and Mrs. James T. O'Reilly
Patricia O'Reilly, Ph.D.
Mr. Maurice E. Oshry
Mrs. Joyce M. Pancoast Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Brown
Mr. Carl H. Paulson
Mr. Douglas L. Pean
Mr. Robert H. Pequignot
Mr. William H. Phelan
Mr. Chris A. Pore
Mr. Louis M. Prince
Dr. and Mrs. Mohammad H. Qayoumi
Mrs. Margaret R. Raizik
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Ratcliff
Mrs. Carolyn F. Rath
Ms. Joanne A. Rathman
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Raut
Sherry L. Levy-Reiner, Ph.D. and Rabbi Fred N. Reiner
Ellen D. Rember, MS, RD
Mr. Edward J. Requardt
Ms. Constance C. Riley
Dr. Earl G. Rivers
Mrs. Jeanne W. Royston
Mr. Allan L. Rutherford
Mrs. Linda S. Samuels
Mr. Millard E. Samuels
Dr. Stephen G. Schaeffer
Dr. and Mrs. Don S. Schalch
Mr. Daniel J. Schlachter
Mrs. Frances F. Schloss
Mrs. Zelma J. Schulman
Mrs. Margaret G. Schultz
Ms. Jennifer S. Schuster
Mr. Cornell Secosan
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Sharrock
Ms. Elizabeth H. Shelton
Mrs. Barbara Silver
Mrs. Minerva B. Silver
Mrs. Linda A. Sine
Mrs. Jan Smally
Ms. Genevieve H. Smith
Mrs. Kathryn M. Smith
Miss Jane E. Snow
Hon. and Mrs. S. Arthur Spiegel
Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Stafford
Ms. Joyce A. Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stevens
Dr. and Mrs. John K. Stewart
Mrs. Martha A. Stimson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Clay Stinnett
Melany S. Stinson Newby, J.D. and Mr. Trygve Lonnebotn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Stix
Mrs. John J. Strader IV
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Swan
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Theys
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas U. Todd
Mrs. M. C. Troy
Ms. Elyce P. Turba
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Uetz
Mrs. Marilyn B. Van Etten
Dana Vannoy, Ph.D.
Mr. Thomas M. Vaughn
Annabelle P. Villalobos, Ph.D.
Mrs. Karen B. Wachs
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Wanner
Mr. Stuart Warshauer
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Watson
Mrs. Isabelle P. Weber
Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Wellington
Mr. Paul and Dr. Barbara A. Wenner
Mrs. Barbara J. Wilkes
Mr. Robert L. Williams
Wanda O. Wilson, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Wisher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wiwi
Mr. George D. and Dr. Mary K. Wolterman
Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Wood
Mr. Edward W. Wuest
Paula Yellin, Ed.D.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Malcolm York
Mrs. Louise Young
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Zeidenstein