The University of Cincinnati Foundation

The University of Cincinnati Foundation

Bearcat Statue Fund Giving Opportunites

UC Alumni continually find ways to leave their mark on the University of Cincinnati for future generations of students, faculty and friends to experience and benefit from. Their latest project will be legendary! They will be immortalizing the University of Cincinnati’s iconic symbol, The Bearcat! 

This "Bearcat Statue" will embody the spirit, pride, strength and energy of the UC campus community. The sculpture will solidify and represent the rich history and tradition of the Bearcat as the university’s mascot.

The location for this artwork will be “Bearcat Plaza,” situated in the MainStreet district between the Tangeman University Center and the Steger Student Life Center, overlooking the north end zone of Nippert Stadium. This central placement in open space will attract attention, contribute to the public identity of the University and will become a destination for meeting, gathering and memory making.

Fundraising efforts for the Bearcat Statue Fund are being lead by the membership of Sigma Sigma and the University of Cincinnati’s Senior Class.