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The College of Allied Health Sciences educates and prepares future health and other health science professionals to provide high-quality service in their respective fields. In conjunction with community-based partners, students achieve clinical skills and learn the values of critical thinking, good communication, teamwork, cultural competence and service learning. The college's faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, research, service and leadership.

Our Vision

The College of Allied Health Sciences aspires to be a preeminent leader in healthcare profession and education, to nurture its students so they meet their fullest potential and allow them to become outstanding professionals and individuals. Together, the college of allied health sciences and its alumni will transform our healthcare community through proper clinical treatment, prevention, skill and knowledge.

Funding Opportunities

Dean’s Level

  • Dean’s Discretionary Fund
    Dean’s support for programmatic needs, facility upgrades, student travel and activities; and purchases of clinical learning equipment

  • College of Allied Health Sciences Annual Fund
    Unrestricted funds that are used to support faculty, students, and programs where the need is greatest.

  • SOAR Scholarship Fund
    Student Opportunities for Achieving Recognition (SOAR) scholarships are merit-based and awarded to CAHS undergraduate and transfer students.

Departmental Funds

Analytical & Diagnostic


Health Information Management

Nutrition Sciences

Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Beth A. Bextermueller Rehabilitation Sciences Endowment Fund
    This fund was established to honor Beth A. Bextermueller, program director for Rehabilitation Sciences, for her dedication and passion to improve the experience and lives of Doctoral Physical Therapy and Health Sciences students at the college. Beth retired in January 2015. The fund will provide scholarships and clinical experience support for Rehabilitation Sciences students.

  • Pacholder Foundation Student Aid Fund
    Established by Sylvia Pacholder and her husband to serve as a source of emergency scholarships for students in the PT and PTA programs

  • Rehabilitation Sciences Scholarship Fund
    Supports student scholarships

  • Rehabilitation Sciences Discretionary Fund
    Funds used to purchase equipment for use in the teaching labs to enhance student learning

  • Amanda Blackmon Heitkamp Scholarship Fund
    This scholarship has been established in memory of Amanda Blackmon Heitkamp, a 2009 DPT alumni who passed away in 2012 of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). Amanda graduated in the first DPT class for UC and she received her Health Sciences degree in 2003 from UC. Amanda’s character endeared her to her classmates and faculty and she established herself as an outstanding individual who was passionate about the profession, truly dedicating herself to the caring for and giving to others.

    This scholarship will support two students in their 2nd year of the DPT program who possess many of the wonderful qualities as Amanda. Preference will be given to graduates of CAHS’s Health Sciences degree. 

School of Social Work and Health Administration

Contact Information

Brian H. Hurst
Senior Director of Development, College of Allied Health Sciences

Ryan Young
Program Director, Alumni and External Affairs

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