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As the oldest and largest college at the University of Cincinnati, the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences is home to more than 8,000 students, 500 faculty, and 21 academic departments. Our dedicated teachers preserve our founder's mission to provide young people with a quality university education, and McMicken college researchers have contributed to breakthroughs both life-changing and light-hearted, from the development of the first antihistamine to the design of the Pringles potato chip.

Our Vision

We are inspired to preserve the liberal arts tradition, which is at the very core of what it means to be an educated citizen. We challenge our students to think critically and analytically, to challenge assumptions, and to discover creative solutions to the world's most complex issues. Our alumni serve as community and industry leaders, winning awards such as the Japan Prize and acheiving milestones like Ted Berry '28, the first African-American mayor of Cincinnati.

Funding Opportunities

A&S Scholarship Fund

Gifts to the A&S Scholarship Fund provide 4-year, renewable scholarships to incoming freshman, helping us recruit bright and committed students. More than 6,000 McMicken undergraduates need some help covering the cost of tuition.

Dean's Venture Fund

The Dean's Venture Fund provides the Dean of the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences with the flexibility to invest strategically in interdisciplinary collaboration, research innovation, curriculum development or other priorities for academic growth in the college.

A&S Annual Fund

This versatile fund gives the dean flexibility to address needs or opportunities that are not anticipated in the annual budget; for example, the need to replace a piece of scientific instrumentation or the ability to cover travel costs for a faculty member to present at an international conference.  

Contact Information

Chris Eden
Assistant Director of Development

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