The University of Cincinnati Foundation

The University of Cincinnati Foundation

College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services Giving Initiatives


CECH is committed to the pursuit of discovery and excellence in research, teaching and service that addresses real world challenges and opportunities to create positive social change. We prepare students to maximize their ability to have a positive impact and to be contributing members to society.

Our Vision

CECH is committed to the following values in achieving our mission:

  • Innovation: exploring, discovering, and implementing new ideas, methods and applications;
  • Partnership: seeking out opportunities for partnership in our academic, research, and community pursuits;
  • Diversity: embracing and celebrating variation in styles, cultures, and disciplines;
  • Leadership: leading through research and by empowering individuals, communities, and organizations to evolve and facilitate change through best practices;
  • Support: providing an environment where faculty, staff and students thrive.

Funding Opportunities

Ed Latessa Fund for Doctoral Students

W. Kenneth Stephens Scholarship Fund

Jessica N. Galley Memorial Scholarship

Dorsey Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Evers Educational Leadership Fund

David Naylor Scholarship Fund

Sarah Pullen IT Scholarship Endowment Fund

Higher Education Mentoring Initiative Fund

Friends of Transition and Access Program Fund

Arlitt Child Development Center

Contact Information

Marihelen Millar
Director of Development, College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

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