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UC Clermont College is a regional campus located in the center of Clermont County in Batavia Township. Opened in 1972, Clermont College is an accredited, open-access college offering more than 50 associate degrees and certificate programs. The college began offering a technical bachelor’s degree in the fall of 2011 – the Bachelor's Degree in Applied Administration. UC Clermont College provides a great starting place where students will receive educational experiences to forge their futures.

Our Vision

UC Clermont College provides student-centered undergraduate education and life-long learning in an open-access, regional college environment. We foster diversity as well as intellectual, cultural, and social development in our community.

Funding Opportunities

Annual Fund

The UC Clermont College Annual Fund brings the future to our students. Your gift will help provide faculty training, increase the number of opportunities for students to explore their interests and enhance their overall learning environment, provide state-of-art technology and new resources that keep our programs ahead of the curve.


UC Clermont College is home of the Clermont Cougars. Our baseball, softball, basketball, and volleyball teams are competitive,winning State and National Titles, in the Ohio Collegiate Athletic Conference and the United States Collegiate Athletic Association conference. Your gift provides students a winning tradition of success in both sports and studies.

Community Arts

UC Clermont College has provided a fine arts experience through theatre productions and art gallery exhibits to our community for over 20 years. Your gift helps us continue our children's programming at our Calico Children's Theatre and secure a variety of art mediums in the Park National Bank Art Gallery.


Steadily increasing costs make it harder and harder for students to afford college. Tuition, books, living expenses, transportation—all add up to a considerable burden for many students and their families. For some graduates, paying off student loans takes decades. Your gift to the UC Clermont College scholarship fund provides deserving minds an education without making them mortgage their futures.

Contact Information

Dana Parker
Director of Development, Clermont

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