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The University of Cincinnati has been a pioneer in graduate education. Prior to the formal establishment of the Graduate School in 1901, the university granted 83 advanced degrees. More than a century later, approximately 59,000 (25%) of the university’s 238,000 living alumni have earned advanced degrees from UC.

In order to be competitive in this complex, ever-evolving, global society, individuals must advance their skill set by obtaining a graduate education.

  • In 2009, the Graduate School awarded more than 2,400 advanced degrees, with 416 being at the doctorate level.
  • Out of our 35 graduate programs that are ranked nationally for public universities, 31 place in the Top 50.

The Graduate School continues to re-invent itself to promote and deliver excellence in scholarship, research, and service.

Innovation and Graduate Student Life Center

  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design and engineering tools, UC’s new Innovation Center will provide the resources for collaborative teams of faculty and students to conduct research, design and implement projects, and imagine and re-imagine future projects.
  • The Graduate Life spaces in the Center will house up to 400 students in a variety of floor plans and provide emergency day care, an informal lounge with café and multi-purpose spaces to encourage cross-disciplinary activities between graduate faculty and graduate students.

University Graduate Scholarships

  • Scholarship funding plays a key role in graduate education, enabling the university to create a distinctive and productive environment that attracts the best students worldwide.

Doctoral Dissertation Defense Room

  • To recognize the academic significance of this milestone achievement, a room will be designed with state-of-the-art presentation technology to highlight the importance of the event and to connect to the rich history of doctoral education at UC.

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