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College of Nursing Giving Initiatives

The College of Nursing has a rich history of training outstanding nurses since its creation in 1889.  The Mission of the College of Nursing at the University of Cincinnati is to educate and develop a professional nurse as a health care provider and leader who is empowered to generate, apply, and explore nursing knowledge and competencies for all people in evolving health care environments. 

Every day our faculty and staff are imparting knowledge and professional experience to our students who develop into the next generation of nursing leaders. 

A comprehensive approach to collegiate nursing education is manifested in all programs at the college. The College exists to prepare beginning and advanced professional practitioners to function in a variety of settings, to provide opportunities for testing and expanding nursing science, and to provide opportunities for practicing nurses to maintain, improve and expand their competencies.

Funding Opportunities

Alumni Association/Laura Rosnagle Scholarship Fund
The Alumni Association Rosnagle Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 to provide scholarships to outstanding nursing students.  This fund is popular with the many alumni who studied at the college during Dean Rosnagle’s tenure.

Clinical Education & Equipment Fund
This fund provides much needed, up-to-date equipment and supplies for the student clinical skills laboratory. Through the skills lab, students learn and practice current techniques in a simulated clinical setting. This lab has become an essential aspect of ongoing clinical experience.

Dean's Discretionary Fund
This fund allows the Dean to allocate dollars for college-related purposes at her discretion. Contributions may be used for emergency student aid, special faculty requests or other unbudgeted items.

Center for Aging with Dignity
The Center promotes the humanistic aspects of caring for older adults and their families.  The focus is on the ‘caring’ aspects of health, as opposed to the ‘curing’ aspects of medicine.  Gifts to the Center are used for educational purposes related to older adults and promoting evidence-based research and practice.

The Institute for Nursing Research
This project supports the research functions of the Institute. The mission of the Institute is to foster nursing research activities at College of Nursing.  Gifts to the Institute will be used to support data collection for research, writing abstracts and posters, podium presentations and data analysis.

Annual Fund
This fund supports the priority needs of the College including educational programs, student scholarships, teaching facilities and more.

Contact Information

Brian H. Hurst
Director of Development and Alumni Affairs for the College of Nursing

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