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Dr. Dan Lucas posing next to a portrait of his father

Dr. Dan Lucas

College of Medicine, '83

Dr. Dan Lucas was destined to attend the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. And now he says it’s his duty to give back to the school that means so much to his family.

Read more about Dr. Lucas and how he chose to give back.

Professor O'Reilly and Maria Nakafeero

Maria Nakafeero

College of Medicine, Public Health

A $100,000 donation from a volunteer UC professor has helped Maria Nakafeero pursue her dream. Her tragic past prompted her to explore a career in public health, which she says has been made possible by the generosity of others.

Read more about Maria and how her professor changed her life.

Ralph Spitzen

Ralph Spitzen

CEAS, '74

Spitzen felt compelled to give back to UC because he says his education helped get him to where he is today. Spitzen even increased his original generous bequest.

Due to Spitzen’s passion for aerospace engineering and his generous donation, many future UC students will now be able to achieve their goals.

Read more about Spitzen and how his gift is making an impact.

Deepa Patel

Deepa Patel

College of Business, Marketing '17

Opportunity comes in all shapes and forms. When I received mine in the spring of 2012, I was not expecting it. Fifteen minutes before I took the stage for my final high school talent show, I received a phone call from my mom letting me know I received a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. The adrenaline rush from the news helped me get third place, and I now call this one of the best days of my life!

Read more about Deepa and how a gift impacted her life.

Ruth Seiple

Ruth Seiple

College of Business, Industrial and Operations Management

“This is a special place for me and my family,” Seiple says. “After all, UC is where I earned two degrees, where my career unfolded, and where I was very fortunate to put two kids through college, thanks to the tuition remission. We are showing our gratitude for what we have been given while also helping students who deserve it.”

Read more about Seiple and why she gave back to UC.


Alan and Marla Robbins
Alan - Business Major '76 | Marla - Education '76
College of Education, Criminal Justice, & Human Services | Carl H. LindnerCollege of Business

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in our lives and our careers, so making this contribution is a way to show our gratitude while maximizing what we have to give.” -Alan

Read more about the Robbins and why they give back.


Bill and Edlyn Simmons
Edlyn - Chemistry Major '65, '91 | Bill  - Mechanical Engineering '66
McMicken College of Arts & Sciences | College of Engineering & Applied Science

“If we can help somebody who is really worthy and needs financial assistance, it’s a win-win for the students and us.” – Bill Simmons
"Giving feels good to me because it’s supporting the kinds of things I’ve worked with all my life." – Edlyn Simmons

Read more about the Simmons couple and why they give back.


Arlene Brill
Education, '65 & '68 | UC Alumni Band
College of Education

Arlene Brill loves being part of the UC Bearcat Bands family. That passion has recently taken shape through a gift annuity,which allows Arlene to support future band students through a scholarship and still protect her own financial well-being.

Watch a video and read more on Arlene Brill.


Tom & Chris Carleton
Communications Majors, Tom '91, Chris '90
McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

“Over the years, UC has provided us with so much support and opportunity in both our personal and professional lives,” Tom added. “We wanted our personal impact at UC to go beyond what we’ve been able to provide during our lifetime, but hadn’t considered how to do that until we started to do our estate plan."

Read more about the Carletons on the UC Alumni Association website.


Joseph Niemann
Clinical Laboratory Science DL Major, Class of 2012
College of Allied Health Sciences

"Being Proudly Cincinnati is taking pride in the quality education that I have received at UC, applying the education that I have received to benefit society and represent UC by being a leader in my field of study, and finally, by passing on the experience that I have gained to benefit future generations of students.  The scholarship program has been a great benefit to my overall success as a student. The support of the scholarship program allowed me to spend more time focusing on academics and less time working extra hours to pay for tuition.”


Layne Todd
Euphonium Performance/Music Education Double Major, Class of 2013
College-Conservatory of Music

“I love telling people that I go to CCM. The name alone carries such a reputation of excellence that people almost always are impressed.  I know that this type of pride and reputation in each and every part of the University, whether you consider an individual sports team, a college or a specific student organization, is what makes the University as a whole such a great institution. Simply put, without my scholarship, I would not have been able to attend UC.  I am so grateful for the generosity of donors for allowing me to attend such a great institution.”


Jessica Brown
Middle Childhood Education major, Class of 2013
College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

“Receiving private support has made me work even harder ­for myself, and for others who have put their time and care into my education. My donors have influenced my life by giving me the chance to succeed."


Taylor Rhodes
Operations Management and German Studies Major, Class of 2013
Lindner College of Business

“Cincinnati’s competitive and rewarding business environment makes it an ideal place to study.  Our university’s first rate faculty and successful alumni have helped to make our institution incredibly successful. UC’s co-op program has also helped to extensively transform my life, and solidify my passion for my major; Operations Management. I am incredibly grateful for our alumni’s gracious support of the university.  They have helped build an amazing place to study.”


Yasmine Whittaker
Class of 2013
College of Law

“This academic year I received a large scholarship to attend the UC College of Law and I am so thankful.  I am sure that there were many students who deserved this scholarship and I am so fortunate to be selected to receive it.  Law school is an expensive investment and it is kind acts like the one that you have performed that makes it easier for young aspiring lawyers to follow their dreams.  That’s the sincerest form of giving back that I can imagine, and I’m grateful for it.” 


Caitlynn Carr
Spanish and Anthropology Major/ Latin American Studies Minor, Class of 2012
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences

“Private support serves as fuel for self-motivation for me to continue going above and beyond in order to reach my goals and have served as a reminder for why I work so hard. These scholarships have also made it so that I can focus more on enriching myself academically and serving the community, rather than spending more time working a part-time job that is unrelated to my academic interests.”


Michael Downing
Aerospace Engineering BS/MS Major, Class of 2012
College of Engineering and Applied Science

“My education at UC has provided me with the academic skills and opportunities to develop myself as a person and as a professional. The breadth of skills taught will make the transition from academia to being a professional much easier. With private support, I’ve been able to fully realize my educational goals and develop a wider outlook without being hindered by financial strain."


Jessica Bell
Psychology Major, Class of 2013
UC Clermont College

“Donors to the University of Cincinnati have entrusted me with their financial support and I take that very seriously. I want them to feel as though they have made a wise investment—one that will pay off.  I want them to find comfort in knowing that their generosity is paving the way for future acts of compassion. I am Proudly Cincinnati because I believe in the power of ‘paying it forward.’"


Debbie Shaw
Fashion Design Major, Class of 2014
College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

“Being a non-traditional student, my aspirations to go into fashion design began a long time ago. Various life situations took me in other directions, though my love of the fashion industry never wavered. Receiving a scholarship has been a critical piece to my being able to continue this education. The reputation of the DAAP program and the successes of so many of its alumnae make me extremely proud to say that I am one of its students. I hope that I can be someone who contributes toward that same sense of pride in future students.”


Susan Hoelle
Family Nurse Practitioner/Masters in Public Health Major, Class of 2013
College of Nursing

“Completing both a Masters in Public Health and a Family Nurse Practitioner program will give me the tools to practice more autonomously with patient populations as well as provide a strong foundation for developing initiatives and, my hope, policies which will positively impact the health of populations. I am thrilled and so appreciative of receiving the Susan and Derek van Amerongen Scholarship.  This financial support motivates me to study and work harder at achieve my educational and professional goals and alleviates some of the financial burden associated with funding my education.” Read more on Susan Hoelle.


Shoná Burkes
Pharmaceutical Sciences/Cosmetic Science Major, Class of 2013
College of Pharmacy

“UC has transformed my life in several ways, but probably the most important is that while at UC, I found the confidence to pursue my doctoral degree, becoming the first in my family with a doctorate degree. The scholarship I received has enabled me to attend graduate school.  School is expensive and I was concerned about financing my education.  The scholarship I received was extremely helpful in covering my tuition and fees and allowed me to focus on my research and earning my degree.”


Mike Jarvis
Life-changing accident propels business scholar to embrace positive attitude

Five fellow PI Kappa Alpha (PIKE) fraternity brothers were enroute to a retreat in Gatlinburg, Tenn., when driver Ryan Atkins lost control of the car. The accident forever changed the lives of Atkins, Jarvis, Jon Doerger, Kyle Quinn and Dan Rehard. Atkins and Jarvis suffered the brunt of injuries; both sustained damage to their spinal cord and are paralyzed. Atkins, a fellow Lindner Honors-PLUS scholar and finance major, remains at home and continues his daily physical therapy. Read more on Mike Jarvis.


Megan Kraus
Health Issues Not a Deterrent for Ambitious Nursing Student

Megan has a heart condition called Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, or PSVT, which causes her to have a rapid heart rate and occasionally leads to seizures. She is currently on medication and has undergone corrective surgery. But Megan is used to beating the odds. Despite her condition, she has ran cross country and played volleyball, basketball and golf all through high school in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. She has a zeal for life and is now determined to help others too. Read more on Megan Kraus


Sailee Teredesai
Biopsychology Major Thrives On Campus And In Life, Thanks To Scholarship Assistance

For Sailee, receiving scholarships has signified more than just financial relief. Being a recipient of both the Darwin T. Turner Scholarship and the Cincinnatus Scholarship has had an immense impact on Sailee's life. “I have been able to grow in so many ways - socially, emotionally, mentally - so the benefits have not just been financial for me,” she says. As a sophomore at UC, Sailee views her scholarships as fundamental in her ability to be so involved in campus activities. Read more on Sailee Teredesai


Ashley Carlisle
Senior Class President Believes She Owes All Of Her Success To UC's Faculty, Staff and Donors

Growing up, Ashlee Carlisle never imagined she’d be graduating from the University of Cincinnati.  But this June, Ashlee will be awarded her BA in Marketing and International Business from UC’s College of Business.  She also has been offered an incredible full-time position and has countless opportunities at her fingertips.  Now that she’s graduating, Ashlee is utterly convinced that she was “destined to be a Bearcat,” and describes her experience at UC as “an unbelievable blessing.” Read more on Ashley Carlisle


Jody Forman Fall
A Mother's Love Transpires Into Gift For UC Medical Student

Seemingly insurmountable grief reflects in Jody Forman Fall’s eyes when she recalls the spring of 2007, where her only child, Rob V. Forman, 36, lay critically ill at University Hospital with a virus that had attacked his heart. For nearly two weeks he rallied, faltered and rallied, but despite everything, Rob passed away. What stops the sadness and brings a light back into her eyes, however, is talking about another young man: Douglas Brown, a first-year medical student at UC’s College of Medicine and the recipient of the Rob V. Forman Memorial Scholarship. Read more on Jody Forman Fall


Joe Clase
UC Alum Endows Scholarship to Motivate Future Leaders

Like many new donors, Clase was uncertain how he could make an impact while raising a young family. After sharing his concerns with UC Foundation staff, Joe learned he could donate $50,000 to the university to endow a scholarship through the purchase of a life insurance policy. Joe knew instantly where he wanted to designate his gift – to his former school, the School of Planning within DAAP. Read more on Joe Clase

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