The University of Cincinnati Foundation

The University of Cincinnati Foundation

Deepa Patel


Opportunity comes in all shapes and forms. When I received mine in the spring of 2012, I was not expecting it. Fifteen minutes before I took the stage for my final high school talent show, I received a phone call from my mom letting me know I received a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. The adrenaline rush from the news helped me get third place, and I now call this one of the best days of my life!

Since that phone call and my start at the University of Cincinnati, I have become involved in a variety of organizations. As a sophomore, I am proud to say that I have traveled both abroad and domestically with my peers, been Vice President of two student organizations and received a strong educational foundation that helped me earn my first co-op experience at the University of Cincinnati Foundation. The only reason I have had these meaningful experiences is because of your generosity. 

That is why I want to personally thank you for your continued annual support. Loyal donors like you are the pillars upon which UC excellence is built and shared.

Even though I’m just a second-year student, I have already began to pay it forward with a gift towards international study programs. While my gift isn’t large enough to fund a student’s entire trip abroad, I know it has the ability to make an impact with the help of other donors. Whether it’s a gift as small as mine or one large enough to put a student through college, every dollar matters and can make an impact on a student just like me.