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The University of Cincinnati Foundation

UC Alum Endows Scholarship to Motivate Future Leaders

For Joe Clase – a 2003 graduate of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning – giving something back to his alma mater has always been on his list of priorities.

“DAAP was my home for 4 years,” says Clase, “I spent a number of nights in the studios. I was very involved in the college as a DAAP ambassador and worked for the library as well.”

Like many new donors, Clase was uncertain how he could make an impact while raising a young family. After sharing his concerns with UC Foundation staff, Joe learned he could donate $50,000 to the university to endow a scholarship through the purchase of a life insurance policy. Joe knew instantly where he wanted to designate his gift – to his former school, the School of Planning within DAAP.

 “I feel it (DAAP) is a great resource for students and hope my gift is an opportunity for students to have even better experiences” he says.

Joe hopes that his gift impacts not only the lives of students, but also the lives of people within the community.

One of Joe’s passions is public service, and he utilizes his degree in Urban Planning to help shape communities. His gift carries a directive that students who receive his scholarship should be civically active. He believes that if a civically active student were to earn this scholarship, it would help inspire the student to provide more communities with the services needed to develop and mold them– ultimately affecting our everyday lives.

 “Part of the incentive I had for giving back is to provide an opportunity for someone who hopes to enter public service. I would love for my scholarship to extend into their motivations in life,” says Clase, “Public service has a lot of rewards, but a lot of them are hidden. I feel like this is an opportunity for someone to also see a little bit of reward themselves by giving back to their community.”

Joe reminds donors that University of Cincinnati students have the potential to make a difference in the world and if more opportunities are funded by private support, students may even be more likely to be civically active upon graduation.

“Remember that the University of Cincinnati is one of the largest colleges in Ohio and they build a lot of leaders, both business and public sector leaders, and those people are going to end up shaping our communities,” says Clase.

The scholarship will enable students to earn an education from DAAP that will not only enhance their personal lives and careers but the lives of others in the community, state, nation and possibly the world – for many years to come. Joe claims, “It’s an opportunity to leave a legacy – something that will go beyond my time – to help shape our future leaders.”