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Aspiring Doctor Overwhelmed With Appreciation After Meeting Her Benefactors - The College of Medicine Class of 1958

Seretha Ransom

Seretha Ransom

As a first-year medical student at UC, Seretha Ransom is an unlikely doctor-to-be. No one in her family works in medicine; and most of her extended family did not even to go college. She says she has just always known that’s what she wanted to do. “I’ve always liked science, but I also like to interact with people—medicine combines the two.”

Though both of her parents have been relatively successful in their chosen careers - her father works with computers and her mom in insurance - they are unable to help Seretha pay for medical school. But, Seretha says, “Scholarships change people’s lives, and I’m a perfect example of that.”

Seretha recently received the College of Medicine’s Class of 1958 Scholarship which now provides her $5,000 each year for four years, totaling $20,000 in scholarship funds toward her tuition. Since she was planning on working to pay for medical school herself, Seretha says receiving the scholarship has allowed her to focus more on her studies.

“I think a lot of people who want to go to medical school or college think it isn’t possible because of money. Scholarships have really helped relieve my financial stress and have freed up my time so I can work harder in school.”

Seretha with the class of 1958

Top row: Seretha & her mom, Mattie Ransom; Dr. & Mrs. Todd; Dr. & Mrs. Hofmann | Bottom row: Dr. & Mrs. Schwieterman; Dr. & Mrs. Rakel

Seretha recently went to the Class of 1958’s reunion dinner, where she was able to personally thank the very people who provided her those much needed scholarship funds.

After meeting the Class of 1958, Seretha said, “I was inspired – these doctors are such a big part of the community, and they are such a good influence on medical students like me.”

She said the alumni were all still excited about their practices, and really cared about future alumni who will soon follow in their footsteps. They even recommended books for her to read! Seretha was thoroughly impressed and in awe of each and every one of them. She said, “It really showed that they still love what they do even after 50+ years in the field. The experience made me want to be just like them one day!”

Seretha is interested in international medicine and ultimately wants to work in a free clinic setting.  “Growing up,” she says, “a lot of my family didn’t have health insurance, so when they had to go to the doctor they either had to go to an expensive outpatient facility or they just wouldn’t go at all.  People like them need help too.”

She has already done some shadowing of a family physician where she interacted with many Spanish-speaking patients. And since Spanish was her second major in her undergrad studies, Seretha also has a goal of eventually owning her own bilingual practice.

She is very involved with UC’s Spanish Club, the Urban Health Project at UC, and a free pediatrics clinic.  She has lots of ambition and says she knows her future is bright thanks to the help and generosity of the donors who support her scholarship.

“When I’m an alum in the class of 2011, I want to give back to a scholarship fund just like the one I received.”