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Proudly Cincinnati

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About the Kautz Alumni Masters Forum

Now in its 15th year, the Kautz Alumni Masters Forum has brought more than 50 distinguished alumni from various professions back to campus to meet and interact with today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.

These individuals include CEO’s, world-renowned architects, designers and performers, entrepreneurs, innovators and educators, as well as judges, writers and engineers who have reached the upper strata of professional achievement.

For each of them, the education they received from the University of Cincinnati was the foundation of their success.

Through the Kautz Alumni Masters Forum, alumni interact and connect with current students — young men and women at the beginning of their journeys — demonstrating their UC education can be the path to success. The program provides a personal forum for alumni to share meaningful experiences and hard-earned insights gained from years of personal and professional growth.

The forum is mutually beneficial. Students are enlightened by the perspective and advice of the Master who, in turn, is reconnected with their alma mater and invigorated by the interactions during their visit. The forum also provides recognition for some of UC’s most prominent alumni while motivating today’s students to reach an even higher level of greatness in their own careers.

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