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Carl H. Lindner College of Business Makes Faculty/Staff Campaign History

College of Business

With a week still remaining in the 2011 Faculty/Staff campaign, the UC Carl H. Lindner College of Business has become the first college to reach 100 percent employee support in the campaign’s seven-year history.

After the Board of Trustees voted yesterday to rename the UC College of Business in honor of a business legend and UC’s most influential donor, the college has more good news to share: 100 percent of full-time faculty and staff have given to the 2011 Proudly Cincinnati Faculty/Staff Campaign – making the Carl H. Lindner College of Business the first college to reach full participation in the campaign’s seven-year history.

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business is now the fourth college or unit to achieve 100 percent participation this year, joining the Office of the President, Governmental Relations and University Communications, and the UC Foundation.

“The philanthropy demonstrated by our faculty and staff makes an impact on multiple levels,” said Carl H. Lindner College of Business Dean David Szymanski. “Aside from benefitting the program or department about which they are most passionate, employee support sends a strong signal to our alumni and business communities that our college is ‘all in.’ We can now say with complete confidence that our great faculty and staff are fully supportive of the mission of this institution and seek the advancement of our college in every way possible.”

Though most active in the spring, UC’s Faculty/Staff Campaign runs all year as a way to acknowledge and encourage employee investment in the university’s future. Gifts can be made online through June 30, and gifts of any amount count toward the final participation total. For added convenience, pledges can be made immediately via credit card or deducted over several pay periods. You may also view current participation rates by college or unit.

UC’s Faculty/Staff Campaign has grown every year since it began in 2004, and combined, UC’s faculty and staff have given nearly $50 million toward UC’s billion-dollar Proudly Cincinnati campaign. 

Part of the reason the campaign continues to grow is the dedication of college-based volunteers and campaign co-chairs who represent every college and unit – and work to spread the campaign’s message to their colleagues.

“It takes many dedicated people to move the needle this far in one year, and it means a lot to see our hard work result in a new standard of college giving,” said Ralph Katerberg, PhD, department head and professor of management, who serves as co-chair for UC’s West Campus campaign. “On behalf of all my fellow volunteers and co-chairs, I’d like to thank my colleagues in Business, as well as everyone who has invested in the campaign. What a great way to show our alumni, friends and broader community that we are indeed Proudly Cincinnati.”

For more information about the campaign or questions about giving options, please contact Judy See, Director of Annual Giving, at 513-556-6724 or