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First-Year Experience

First Year Experience Initiatives

Across campus, programs deliver different aspects of the first-year Experience at UC. Learn more about different programs below:

Bearcat Bound Orientation

Orientation is a comprehensive 2 two-day program that helps students prepare for a successful transition into their first year at UC. Everything from meeting other incoming students, dorm life, and academic policies are covered during orientation!


Convocation is the official welcome for new students. This is a required welcome-weekend event, find details at the link above!

Welcome Weekend

Your first weekend on campus is full of tons of events to help you get to know more about campus, meet other first year students, and have plenty of fun before classes begin.

Learning Communities
A Learning Community is a group of 20 students who come together because of shared academic interests to interact in two or more university courses. Through frequent contact and shared interests, the members will develop fulfilling intellectual and social relationships. Many students give back to the program by leading Learning Communities in their sophomore years and beyond as a part of our Peer Leader Program.

First Year Seminars

Each College offers and requires different courses that address aspects of the first year experience in your specific college or area of study. Talk to your advisor to find the right first year seminar for you. If you don't know who your advisor is, use this directory of college advising offices. 

First-Year Student Common Reading Program

Michael Sandel's Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do is the common reading book for 2012-2013. 

Experiental Learning

Learning isn't stuck in the classroom at UC. Experiences outside of the classroom are an important part of our integrated core learning plan. Start planning for and seeking out these experiences now! Your Academic Advisor is a great resource for discovering opportunities. 

Alpha Lambda Delta

A national honor society recognizing excellence in the first year of higher education.  The University of Cincinnati chapter was recently recognized nationally as an Order of the Torch winner.