First Year Focus Photography Contest

First Year Focus Photography Contest

We are currently preparing for the 2012-2013 First Year Focus Photography contest. This year the contest will have categories open for all students at UC. Winners will be announced at our annual Great Beginnings Ceremony in the spring. More information will be available soon regarding the 2012-2013 contest. Check out submissions and rules from the 2011-2012 contest below!

Student Life

- Pictures that depict UC’s traditions, diversity, cultural life, spirit, night and weekend life
- Student interactions 24/7 including playtime, work time, study time, gatherings, and celebrations
- Spontaneous, unrehearsed moments that capture what it means to be a Bearcat


Intellectual Life

- Images that convey a sense of engagement, exploration, or discovery
- Pictures that evoke emotions connected to the learning process including the thrill and frustration that comes with learning something new
- Learning contextualized:
     - Places where students learn, practice, or engage with content
     - People students partner with to learn including faculty, peers, and members of the community
     - Objects that students use to learn or demonstrate accomplishment
     - Products of student learning


Professional and Civic Responsibility

- Images that beg questions—What is a college education about, really?
- Pictures that capture students in action:
     - Creating a Just Community
     - Contributing toward making the world a better place
     - Investigating issues, problems, and ways to improve the world and human condition
- Images that inspire:
     - Ongoing action or dedication to a cause that focuses academic and collegiate life
     - Interaction with role models


Learning Linkages

- Images that capture the “Aha!” moments
- Pictures that reveal how learning builds and is applied across boundaries: courses, time, place, play, work
- Students and their knowledge networks


Upon Reflection

- Pictures that capture defining first-year moments, moments that anchored later accomplishments
- Pictures that portray accomplishments rooted in connections made or lessons learned during the first year
- Images that evoke a sense of pride for having become a Bearcat