Learning Community Artifact Projects

Each Fall, the Learning Communities program creates an artifact. The LC artifact is a multi-media demonstration of the LC's collective experiences, projects, accomplishments, and learning throughout Fall Semester. The artficact process provides LC students the oppotunity to collaborate, make connections with other parties who may get involved (faculty, community members and agencies, etc.), reflect upon their learning and growth, and share their progress with the UC community.

In the Spring, the LC program participates in an integrated learning project called the Better Place Project. Students can choose a social issue or explore challenges that are pertinent to LC student's interests.

Below are Better Place Projects that were on display for the Spring 2012 Great Beginnings Ceremony.

* Artifact Winners

Advanced Medical Imaging Technology

The Advanced Medical Imaging Technology students wanted to promote healthy living to college students. Self management should be a priority but is often forgotten by busy schedules and important deadlines. The students covered four categories: Sun Protection, Safe Sex, Smoking, and Healthy Living. The students made posters and talked to students about these self management areas.

All Allied Health II

Coming to college brings on new experiences and lots of change. One of these changes can be in eating habits. The students in the All Allied Health II LC researched the menus of fast food restuarant around UC's campus. They compared different menu items as well as making those aware of the nutrients and calories in different items. Many first year students eat in the cafeterias on campus. These students also talked about ways to eat healthy in Marketpoint and Centercourt.

Chemical Engineering III

The Chemical Engineering III LC focused on clean water and if there is a solution. They looked at several possible solutions and looked at strengths and weaknesses of each. The LC students came up with their own solution and tested to see if it would be sustainable. This was a great research project for the students as it ties into their chemical engineering major.

Chemical Engineering IV

The students in the Chemical Engineering IV learning community wanted to address the trash issue in Burnett woods. For a month, LC students went once a week to clean up the trash from the park. Through this community service opportunity, students were also able to learn about the affects of littering and how the environment plays a rolse in chemical engineering.

Chemistry (BA)*

The Chemistry LC students researched the positive affects science can have on a student and decided to hold a special experiment day for 3rd-5th grade students. The LC students were able to share their passion for science to others and to create a fun environment for elementary students to learn about science outside of the classroom!

Communication Sciences & Disorders*

The students in the Communication Sciences & Disorders LC chose to raise awareness about literacy in Cincinnati by collecting children's books. They placed bins around UC's campus and collected over 150 books that have been given to a handful of schools. The students made a video to talk about this process and the impact these childrens books can have on literacy.

Construction Management*

The Construction Management LC chose to focus on UC community. They made a video specific for recruiting high school students to attending UC! "The video highlights the ordinary components of UC life in marvelously-captured detail from the perspective of the ordinary UC student!" The students were also able to incorporate the LC's interests by highlighting the architecture of UC's campus.

Criminal Justice I, II, III, IV

All of our Criminal Justice LC's collaborated with CECH and the Cincinnati Police Department for their Better Place Project. The goal was to build positive relationships with inner-city youth and police officers. Students were able to ride in police cars, ride segways, and to learn more about the police department. The LC's created a PowerPoint to share all of the students reflections and to give viewers an inside look to the Night to Unite event.

Early Childhood Education III*

The Early Childhood Education III LC wanted to address the issue of taking the arts out of schools. In order to give students an opportunity to express themselves through art, the students set up an art day at the Boys and Girls club in Avondale. Their video gives viewers an inside look at their day with the students as well as their decision making and reflections on the event.

Health Sciences and Clinical Lab

The Health Sciences and Clinical Lab took a fun approach to talking about working out and the resources at UC. They used popular songs and created parodies about working out. It is obvious to the viewer that the LC had fun making this video and was a great way to build relationships. It also looks like the LC spent time at the rec center and were practicing what their Better Place Project was about.

Mechanical Engineering III

Habitat for Humanity is a great place to make a difference in the community. The Mechanical Engineering III LC wanted to be a part of that difference. The LC students spent a Saturday help rebuilding a forclosed home that was destroyed by water damage, lead, and mold. The students were given the opportunity to reflect on their own lives and see how community service is rewarding.

Middle Childhood Education

The facts about learning disabilities may be well known to educators, however, learning disabiltiies may be a foreign subject to others. The Middle Childhood Education LC created a video where they interviewed different people and asked questions about learning disabilities. The video is educational and highlights certain kinds of disabilities and treatment.

Psychology I*

The Psychology I Learning Communities Better Place Project was a creative way to educate college students about the harmful effects of stress. The students held an event where students could write something that is a stress their life and put it inside a helium filled balloon. All together, the balloons were released into the air and students were able to "let go" of their stress.

Science and Pre-Health III

Relay for Life is a major part of the UC community each spring. The Science and Pre-Health III LC decided to participate in the event. They raised money at Relay by having a booth to pie certain LC members in the face. With every purchase at their booth, the students handed out candy with facts about healthy lifestyle choices and debunking myths in the health field.

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All Allied Health II
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Chemistry (BA)
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Construction Management
Night to Unite
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