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First-Year Experience

Taking Care of Business

UConnect Email

It is extremely important that students check their UConnect email every day! Professors and the university will send all class and university announcements through UConnect email only. UC’s Blackboard course management site incorporates UConnect email so announcements that are posted on Blackboard are then also emailed directly to the student. The inital set up of these accounts will be taken care of at Bearcat Orientation. Check out the university's guidelines to manage UConnect and to learn more about the student email policy. UConnect email is an account that can be kept for life, enabling students to stay in touch with their college network long after graduation.


Another essential online tool for UC students is called Blackboard (commonly referred to as Bb). Professors use Blackboard to communicate with students, post course content and assignmnets, and keep track of student's grades. Some professors set up discussion boards to get feedback on class material and others even use the assessment tool for students to take tests. Students have the option to set up a personal task list or a personal calendar to keep track of important due dates, events and appointments. There is a listing of activities happening on MainStreet. Important campus information is posted on Bb. News items such as student government polls and elections, and postings on student activities university-wide are present on the site. Many student groups have Blackboard sites, so Blackboard provides another great way to stay involved in clubs and activities.


OneStop is literally just that: A one-stop shop for students to do everything related to course enrollment from paying bills to requesting transcripts. Course registration is completely online and the system is easy to use! Check the OneStop site regularly to review university calendars and to register for classes.


The university offers a variety of undergraduate and family residence options for all UC students. Campus housing gives first-year students the ultimate convenience of living next door to where they may attend classes, enjoy meals with friends, and workout at the campus recreation center. Residence hall living also offers the opportunity for students to get involved and to take on leadership roles in Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Hall Governmnets. To learn more about university requirements surrounding on campus living be sure to check out the campus housing policy.  A number of special interest housing options are available as well such as the Valentine house for language immersion, Honors floors and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics,and Medicine (STEMM) floors. 

There is also an array of off-campus, university affiliated housing options available such as University Park Apartments. University Park Apartments are located on Calhoun St. and are adjacent to the university, A convenient and popular choice for UC students.

Parking and Transportation

There are a number of transportation options including the incredibly convenient UC Bearcat Shuttle Services and a university wide partnership with the Cincinnati area METRO Bus Service to help students easily navigate campus and the surrounding area. Parking Services also provides a wide range of on-campus vehicle parking options and decals for students and visitors.


Gone are the days of bland entrées and mystery meat. UC has award winning dining services that offer a wide selection of food and meal plans sure to please every individual and palate. The Uptown area surrounding UC’s campus offers many diverse off campus dining options. The Bearcat Card, which is actually a built in debit card feature attached to the university student ID, can be used at many university and surrounding areas businesses. The Bearcat card provides a quick and easy way of shopping and dining on and around campus.