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First-Year Experience

Peer Leader Captains



The Center for First Year Experience and Learning Communities is a unit within the Office of the Provost for Baccalaureate and Graduate education.  The Center collaborates with all undergraduate colleges at the University of Cincinnati as well as other national, regional, state institutions of higher learning and community agencies from the Cincinnati metropolitan area. The Center develops and implements, and advocates for innovative and effective programs and practices that enhance first year students’ academic and intellectual development, curricular and co-curricular engagement and progress towards graduation.

Essential Functions

  • Directly supervised by the Center’s designated GA, and with overall supervision from the Assistant Director and Director, the Peer Leader Captain assists with coordination of the Learning Community Peer Leader program including assisting with development and monitoring of Peer Leaders.
  • Each Peer Leader Captain coaches a subset of Peer Leaders through facilitating small group weekly meetings of assigned Peer Leaders, providing ongoing mentoring and feedback to each, responding to PL weekly reflections and monitoring Peer Leader follow up on responsibilities.


  • One Year Experience as LC Peer Leader – highly developed understanding of the roles, responsibilities and challenges of the Peer Leader.
  • Commitment to the mission of the Center for First Year Experience and Learning Communities.
  • Capacity to collegially and effectively work in a team context with the Center’s professional and paraprofessional staff.
  • Capacity to represent and advance the mission and interests of the Center in interactions with Peer Leaders.
  • Capacity to manage multiple tasks and manage time effectively and efficiently.
  • Capacity to manage Peer Leader Captain roles, responsibilities and commitments while balancing student and/or other leadership roles.
  • Exceptional mentoring skills, small group facilitation skills and large group presentation skills.
  • Sincere interest in expanding and enhancing knowledge base and skill set in all areas pertinent to being a peer educator in this position including leadership theory and practice, mentoring, facilitation, academic coaching and connecting/referring.


  • Be available to work 20 hours per week during the 2014-2015 academic year weeks specified above. 
  • Be available to work 3-4 hours per week prior to beginning of formal employment as a PLC. Details will be specified by Program Director or designee.
  • Attend weekly PLC meetings and periodically attend FYE staff meetings
  • Communicate openly and collaboratively with professional staff and direct supervisor; keep direct supervisor apprised of relevant PL, PLC and/or program developments via ongoing formal and informal ongoing communication.
  • Accept other duties as assigned per program needs.
  • Engage in activities (such as leadership development) that support continuous development of capacity to excel in role.
  • Represent the FYE&LC program positively, responsibly and with integrity at all times.

Characteristic Duties

  • Co-lead an assigned group of Peer Leaders.
  • Assist with delivery of Peer Leader training with in accord with parameters and specifications designed and determined by FYE&LC Program professionals.
  • Guide, advocate for and monitor effective Peer Leader implementation of LC curriculum.
  • Thoroughly review Peer Leader Handbook and Peer Leader Tool Kit, and use these as resources to support Peer Leader development and performance of roles and responsibilities.
  • Co-plan weekly peer leader meeting and facilitate each meeting effectively.
  • Monitor PL compliance with job responsibilities, PL effectiveness and PL development via:
    • Tracking PL follow up on responsibilities such as attendance sheets, weekly PL meeting attendance and participation, LC curriculum implementation, PL communication to students and faculty, PL office hours and PL weekly reports/reflections.
    • Responding in writing on a weekly basis to PL reports/reflections.
    • Visiting LC’s each quarter, and assessing effectiveness of LC’s via LC visit form.
    • Conducting periodic personal mentoring sessions with PL’s throughout each quarter.
    • Responding (in association with direct supervisor) to PL performance issues.
  • Monitor and support effectiveness of each assigned PL as leader, mentor, learning coach and connector. Provide appropriate feedback and guidance to PL’s, and keep program staff apprised.
  • Maintain data bases of weekly student attendance in LC’s, Peer Leader follow up on job duties.
  • Model (to PL’s) best practices in meeting planning and facilitation, mentoring, academic coaching and connecting/referring.
  • Monitor PL utilization of Bb site as communication vehicle for LC
  • Insure PL’s understand clock-in procedures.
  • Co-manage summer and semester e-mail communication to Peer Leaders (in collaboration with FYE&LC staff).
  • Coordinate PL office hour schedule, and provide coaching presence in PL office during office hours.
  • Plan and implement (where feasible as determined through staff) PL community building outings.
  • Co-maintain and continuously improve Peer Leader Blackboard Site.
  • Actively participate in and contribute to weekly PLC meetings (led by GA and/or AD).
  • Continuously improve theoretical and practical understanding of the FYE mission, leadership, mentoring, academic coaching, connecting/referring and other areas pertinent to first year student development and program mission.
  • Thoroughly keep direct supervisor apprised of all PL and/or programmatic issues (includes “cc” to on communication to peer leaders, communication to campus professionals and responses to PL weekly reports).
  • Present orientations on Learning Communities to students during college orientations.
  • Assist with Information Fairs as requested by FYE&LC staff.
  • Assist with Peer Leader recruitment process as requested by FYE&LC staff.


Peer Leader Captain Application Process


1. Apply by Emailing Pat Runtz.

  • Submit a 1 page essay on why you would be a good candidate         for a Peer Leader Captain and why this position interests you.

2. Interview Notifications.

  • FYE staff will carefully review each application, resume and letters of recommendation. Candidates selected for an interview will receive notification by email or phone.

3. After the interviews, FYE staff will make selections and placements according to the attributes of candidates and LC needs.

4. You will receive an email notification letting you know whether or not you have been hired.


If you have any questions about recruitment for 2014-2015, please contact Seth Baker (