Greek Life

Greek Life

Future Greek Leaders

FGL 2015

Future Greek Leaders 2015 Cohort

The Future Greek Leaders Program is facilitated by students, for students, and is built upon the following Pillars. 


PILLAR: Community

Participants will be able to

           -Understand the role and structure of the governing councils 

            -Establish lasting relationships and a personal network

            -Realize the historical impact that Greek Life has at the University

PILLAR: Personal growth

Participants will be able to

            -Develop a greater sense of self, community role, and leadership


            -Discover personal interest in leadership and engagement 

            opportunities across councils

            -Take part in assessments of personality and leadership style

PILLAR: Values

Participants will be able to

            -Appreciate shared core Fraternal values 

            -Articulate the value of the Greek experience for any man or

             woman, regardless of affiliation

            -Make values-based decisions