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Greek Life

IFC Recruitment

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Fall 2015 Important Dates*

Info Session: September 9th

Meet the Chapters: September 16, 2015 from 6-8pm (TUC Atrium)

IFC Showcase Week: September 20-27, 2015 [First day for incoming students to accept IFC Bids is August 17, 2015]

Click here for the 2015 Showcase Week schedule.

Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternity recruitment is informal. There is no registration or obligation to participate in events. Individual fraternities plan many of their own recruitment activities. The IFC Recruitment Team provides a number of all-fraternity recruitment events, all voluntary to participate, but great opportunities to meet fraternity men and learn about each fraternity.

Go to the Go Greek! Info Session and IFC Recruitment Info Sessions. Most IFC fraternities will host daily recruitment events September 20 - 27 during IFC Showcase Week!

Fraternities offer a “bid”: a formal invitation to an interested student to join their fraternity. You may receive invitations from multiple fraternities, and it's your choice to choose the fraternity that's right for you.

Many fraternities recruit all year, and will have new members join in the fall and spring. Fall semester, however, is the time most new members join IFC fraternities.




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